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Chicago Commercial Real Estate Careers

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Commercial real estate is a promising career for many types of individuals in a wide array of positions. This field allows realtors, tenant representatives, real estate brokers and more to get involved with commercial real estate and engage in a lucrative job position. Although in the past real estate experienced a dip in sales, the truth of the matter was that commercial real estate didn’t experience too hard of a hit as residential real estate. These days, both residential and commercial real estate fields are getting back to their promising positions and returning to normal in the cities, suburbs and even rural areas. The following will list some prime commercial real estate careers in both Chicago and throughout the United States.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you are eager to take part in the actual commercial real estate transactions and work one-on-one with the seller or purchaser, then considering a career as a commercial real estate agent is a great idea. As a commercial real estate agent you can represent buyers and sellers who deal with commercial real estate purchases and sales. You will be their go-to person from the very beginning to the end. Commercial real estate agents deal with their clients, their real estate brokers, financial institutions, title companies, real estate attorneys and others. When you start a career in commercial real estate as an agent, you are seeing the entire process before your very own eyes.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

If you want to play more of a supervisory role in commercial real estate and you have prior experience in commercial real estate, becoming a commercial real estate broker is an option. The commercial broker supervises the activities of their agents and helps out when managerial issues arise. The commercial real estate broker is the lead in the commercial real estate firm and is the individual whom the commercial real estate agents report to in their daily business dealings.

Tenant Representative

Another wonderful option, perfect for those who wish to play a role in commercial real estate, is a tenant rep career. Those who are tenant representatives will help the commercial real estate tenants with every aspect of their business leasing. This individual will help the prospective commercial real estate tenant find a commercial office to lease, help them in their dealings with the commercial landlord and basically be the tenant’s contact person whenever they have an issue during their tenancy and wish to have someone by their side when they speak with the landlord. A tenant representative is a real estate career individual who wears many hats and serves many roles. This person will work alongside of the tenant and not have any individual loyalties with the commercial landlord.

Any and all of the careers listed above are excellent choices for those seeking a job in the commercial real estate field. Depending on your individual experience and desires, you may be more suited to one career over the others. The commercial real estate field is a continually growing one and certainly filled with a vast array of job options for those seeking work in the real estate industry.

Office Space Tenant Representation

Office leasing is a popular rental option these days.  It allows business owners to have a place to engage in all of their office dealings yet not have to worry about the hassles which often go along with owning commercial office property.  An office tenant representative will protect the interest of you, the business owner, and help to make sure that your leasing experience is a success.  There are many different benefits associated When looking for a rental office, it is best to have office tenant representation along the way.  with office tenant representation and some of the more pertinent ones will be discussed below.

An Office Tenant Representative Will Help You to Choose the Best Rental Property

Frequently, when a business owner is shopping for a rental office, they may not know exactly what type of property they need in order to properly fulfill their needs.  When you have an office tenant representative on your side, the tenant rep will be able to look at the different office buildings with you and help you to choose the best one for your business needs.  The office tenant representative will take into consideration your line of work, need for space and number of employees which you will have in-office at any given time.  With a reputable office tenant representative on your side, choosing an efficient and proper commercial rental property will be as achievable.

Office Tenant Representatives Help Commercial Tenants Understand and Negotiate Leases

Another extremely important aspect of having an office tenant representative is that this individual will help you to understand the lease and negotiate the lease terms so that they benefit you the most.  Oftentimes leases, especially commercial leases, are so full of legal lingo that the commercial tenant will find it difficult to understand what it really states.  With office tenant representation, you will have an advisor to help you understand the terms, leasing process and current market terms, you as the future office tenant will have fewer? as your office tenant representative is well-versed in this area and highly capable of explaining it all to you easily and quickly.  This will help you to negotiate the terms of the lease so that it is fair to you and will benefit you best in the end.

With Office Tenant Representation You Are Safeguarded Throughout the Lease Term

Once you sign the office lease, the relationship between you and the office tenant representative should not end there.  When you have experienced and qualified office tenant representation, you should have that rep by your side the entire term of the lease.  This is helpful should any issues arise during the lease term, as your attorney and office tenant rep can speak with the commercial landlord on your behalf.  The office tenant representative can help be the mediator and ensure that your rental relationship with your landlord is as amicable as possible.

Office Tenant Representation Is a Wise Move

When you review all of the benefits associated with office tenant representation, it is easy to see why this type of safeguard is simply a wise move to make.  With an office tenant representative by your side, you can make the best rental decisions and ensure that your office rental situation is as good as it can be.  Again, your office tenant representative will protect you and your business by helping you to choose the right office setting and negotiate the best office space terms.  When you have a qualified office tenant representative at your service, you can focus on other business-related duties while the office tenant rep deals with office rental issues for you.  All in all, office tenant representation is the way to go when embarking on renting commercial property.