South Loop Office Space


South Loop is a popular downtown locale where both residents and business owners flock to.  It is located in the heart of the city which offers much for those who lay down their roots there.  Restaurants, entertainment hotspots and a wide array of other business establishments make shopping, dining and fun an easy option for all.

Business Atmosphere

The business atmosphere of South Loop is perfect for business owners hoping to lease office space in the city.  No matter what type of business you may own nor how large or small it is, there is a spot in South Loop for your company.  Transportation options are plentiful which makes it easy for customers and employees to reach the business.  Major interstates such as I-90 and I-294 allow people to reach this city locale and then take one of many city streets to your exact location.  The Metra line and CTA buses offer public transportation options as do taxis throughout the city.

Other Businesses in South Loop

More and more businesses are opening up shop in South Loop.  Some of the more well-known ones include Kozy’s Bike Shop and Cactus along with a wide array of professional offices and retail shops.  Those who live in South Loop can get practically any goods or services which they desire without having to leave the South Loop neighborhood.

About the Residents

Residents of South Loop live in a variety of residences.  Lofts and city apartments are popular in the South Loop neighborhood and those who live there are of a wide array of ages.  Many of the homes in this area are converted lofts which are now contemporary and highly coveted by city dwellers. Printer’s Row and Dearborn Park are two popular residential areas in South Loop.

Things to Do

There is plenty for residents of South Loop to enjoy in this neighborhood.  The same rings true for business owners who lease property there as well as those who work for them.  Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium offer tons of entertainment value for individuals as well as Soldier Field.  There are also many cultural aspects and venues for those who live and work in South Loop to take advantage of.

Dining and Shopping Options in South Loop

The South Loop neighborhood offers plenty of shopping and dining options for residents, visitors and those who work in the city. Russian Tea Time, Epitome, Bongo Room and Charming Cuisine are some dining establishments to try.  As for shopping options, Sandmeyer’s Bookstore is a must on your to-do list.  Also, enjoy various unique boutiques and well-known retailers intermingled with one another.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Lease South Loop Office Space

South Loop is the perfect place to open up the doors to your business.  Whether you are a small retailer or professional corporation, leasing office space in South Loop is ideal.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. is your one-stop tenant representation firm which can help you find the perfect office space lease and get the lease terms you deserve.

We offer free services to business owners who are looking for that perfect office space lease.  We will survey the potential office space leases with you and find one which is right for your company, your employees and your bank account.

Leasing office space in South Loop with the help of qualified real estate professionals such as those associated with Tenant Advisors, Inc. is highly advisable.  You will go into the leasing arrangement with the assistance you need and the quality which you deserve.  Fill out our contact form today and let us show you the way to a perfect office space leasing arrangement.