Skokie Commercial Office Space

Skokie Office Space

Skokie Commercial Office Space

Leasing office space in Skokie, Illinois is an attractive concept for a wide array of business owners. The area is in a central location outside of Chicago and, although a village, the population of Skokie is just about 65,000. Having a large residential base makes it an ideal spot for business owners who want a location with plenty of potential clients. Skokie enables many different types of business owners to lease commercial office space and gain the clientele they need there.

Why Skokie?

Since there are many Chicago suburbs which offer plentiful commercial office space for lease, some may ask what makes Skokie the ideal choice. One benefit of leasing commercial office space in Skokie is the location of the village. Skokie is close to Chicago and has plenty of public transportation options available to clients, business owners and their employees. It is also in the midst of I-94 and I-90 which makes travel by car easy as well.

Skokie also has a firm commercial base in place. Stores, restaurants, professional offices and even industrial entities are within the Skokie area. Many business owners feel that competition is not good. However, when you have other businesses close by, you are getting foot traffic from their customers who may ultimately become your customers as well. Leasing Skokie office space means that you will be surrounded by other commercial neighbors which will add to the attractiveness of the area.

The suburban atmosphere of Skokie is an ideal notion for business owners looking to lease commercial office space as well. The city is great for many businesses but others choose a suburban locale to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Many times, a suburban office space lease also means that more individuals outside of the city will be eager to choose your business over one that may be in the downtown area due to ease of access and more. Skokie is a wise choice for those seeking out a suburban office space lease.

What Type of Business Owners Benefit from Leasing Office Space in Skokie?

Many varieties of business owners will reap benefits from leasing an office in Skokie. Those who need a commercial lease but don’t want one in the city will benefit from leasing Skokie office space. Also, business professionals who live in the suburbs of Chicago will find that getting to and from a Skokie office is easier than getting to and from a downtown Chicago building. As for business genres, professional offices and office space suited for light industry as well will be available to Skokie business tenants.

Leasing Skokie office space opens up many options for business owners and their employees and clients, also. The location of a Skokie office lease is convenient, the surrounding business neighbors are large in number and the atmosphere is a perfect one in which to do business, no matter what your business may be. There are plenty of options with regard to Skokie commercial leases and your tenant advisor will be able to point you in the right direction in order to find the best one.

Skokie office space

Skokie, Illinois Commercial Office Space

Skokie office space


Skokie is a popular town in the Chicago suburbs.  In 2000, it had a population of 63,348 and this number has since increased, making it quite a large village, to say the least.  Business owners like that it is close to the Chicago city lines as it offers easy accessibility to Chicago residents who want to do business in Skokie. Skokie offers all this and more to business owners who lease commercial office space or own property within the village.

Business Atmosphere

As previously mentioned, one of the reasons why Skokie is the perfect place for businesses to open up shop has to do with its proximity to Chicago.  Surrounded by busy interstates including I-94 and I-90, Skokie is easy to reach by car.  Public transportation options are plentiful as well.  The Metra and Pace lines service Skokie frequently and those who wish to travel to and from Skokie can do so with ease.  Out of state travelers can fly into one of the two international airports near Chicago and reach Skokie businesses in a quick fashion.

Other Businesses in Skokie

Many businesses either buy or lease property in Skokie.  Some of the top names of businesses in Skokie include Pfizer, Rand McNally, Woodward-MPC Airframe Systems, Skokie Hospital, Anixter, Evanston Northwestern Health Care and more.  There are also smaller, privately owned businesses which operate within the village of Skokie and will be your commercial neighbors.

About the Residents

Skokie is filled with a wide range of ages when it comes to the residents.  1/3 of the households within Skokie have children within them and the median household income is $57,375.  Many of the residents either work within Skokie or make the short commute to the city of Chicago to make a living.

Things to Do

History buffs will truly appreciate the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center while those who are more into outdoor activities will be sure to enjoy golf courses or the ice rink.  The Skokie Park District presents many avenues for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities while those who like to dine and shop will surely not be disappointed either.

Dining and Shopping Options in Skokie

As Skokie lies so close to Chicago, it is no wonder that restaurant owners go above and beyond to compete with city restaurants.  Therefore, you will not be surprised to find that Skokie has a wide array of cuisines within its village borders.  Greek, Mediterranean, Italian foods and more are all well represented in Skokie.  The shopping options are also plentiful.  From small shops to large shopping centers, Skokie has it all.

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