Rolling Meadows Office Space

Rolling Meadows Office Space

Rolling Meadows Office Space


Rolling Meadows, Illinois offers a suburban location in an area which is not too far from reach of the big city of Chicago.  Rolling Meadows is filled with friendly neighbors, lucrative business opportunities and entertainment galore.  Whether one is searching for a place to live or a setting for opening up business in the form of a commercial office lease, Rolling Meadows is an ideal choice.

Business Atmosphere

Rolling Meadows is the perfect place to set up shop and lease office space for various reasons.  It is close to O’Hare International Airport, for one, which allows business travelers to easily arrive and reach your office in no time.  Secondly, it is close enough to the city to draw in business clientele from Chicago and allow them to get to your business with ease.  Also, Rolling Meadows has an eclectic array of businesses in town which means that you will be in good company when you open your business office doors in Rolling Meadows.

Other Businesses in Rolling Meadows

There are both large corporations and small, privately-owned companies in Rolling Meadows.  The top employer in town, Northrop Grumman, has over 2,000 employees while other businesses, although with smaller numbers still play an integral part in the business arena of Rolling Meadows.  If you lease an office in Rolling Meadows you may have your offices located next to Riverside Publishing or Walmart, to name just two of the many business operations going on in Rolling Meadows.

About the Residents

In the 2000 census, 24,607 people called Rolling Meadows home.  The median household income in the city was $59,535 and comprised of families and singles alike.  Those who live in Rolling Meadows appreciate the closeness to Chicago while being able to live in a suburban atmosphere.

Things to Do

Rolling Meadows offers plenty for all to do while living, visiting or working in the area.  Dining, shopping and a wide array of outdoor activities are yours for the taking in Rolling Meadows.  Whether you have a family, are a married couple or single individual, you will ultimately find something fun and entertaining to do in Rolling Meadows.

Dining and Shopping Options in Rolling Meadows

Whether you are in the mood for Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian cuisine or American fare, Rolling Meadows will have the answer.  With a number of great restaurants in town, you can choose a different cuisine every night if you like.  Shopping options come in many different varieties as well.  Walmart is located in town for those who like one-stop shopping as well as a number of small boutiques for those who prefer more unique item choices.

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