Park Ridge office space

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Park Ridge office space

Located northwest of downtown Chicago is the lovely suburb of Park Ridge. With a population of approximately 38,000 residents, this suburb is home to residential properties as well as commercial ones. Office space leasing is a wonderful option for business owners who want a place of their own but aren’t ready to buy an office. For those searching for an ideal Chicago suburban location, Park Ridge is a perfect locale. With its convenient location outside of the city but close enough to go to and from, Park Ridge offers many great features for businesses large and small.

Park Ridge Offers Business Amenities

As a business owner, you want to lease an office space in an area where you will find everything you need at your doorstep. Not only is this beneficial for you but also for your employees and clients. Even something as simple as restaurants or office supply stores can make your leasing destination an optimal one. Park Ridge has plenty of business amenity offerings for one to take advantage of as well as other service providers which will help to make your business operate like a well-oiled machine.

Ease of Access Makes Park Ridge Readily Accessible

Park Ridge is easy to get to from almost any direction. Major interstates such as I-94, I-294 and I-90 are in the area which makes it simple to reach Park Ridge. Accessibility is extremely important not only for the owners of the businesses but also for their employees and clients. Public transportation is also available, such as the Pace bus line and Metro Union Pacific Northwest line. No matter how you travel, you can easily reach Park Ridge and the leased commercial office space premises there.

Small Businesses and Large Corporations Work Well In Park Ridge

Park Ridge is a Chicago suburb which welcomes many businesses, including small professional corporations and large corporate entities. Leasing options are readily available to business owners in Park Ridge, regardless of your type of business. The nice blend of large and small businesses make Park Ridge a well-rounded commercial location. Add in a reasonable amount of residential properties and the blend of residential and commercial is perfect.

Stores and Restaurants Galore In Park Ridge

Since business owners and their employees have to eat and often like to shop on their lunch break, it helps that there are plenty of stores and restaurants in town. Park Ridge offers a wide variety of restaurants with varying cuisines and it is easy to find quite a few stores to shop at during your lunch break. Leasing an office in Park Ridge opens up these options for you and your company’s employees.

Park Ridge is filled with office space leasing options. Your tenant advisor will help to point you in the right direction and find that ideal office space lease for your company. Leasing an office in the Park Ridge community is an easy choice to make. You will find a wide array of choices from small professional office settings to entire corporate buildings when you shop around for office space leases in Park Ridge.

Park Ridge Office Space

Located 15 miles northwest of Chicago, Park Ridge is the ideal suburb to lay down your commercial office roots.  Residents and visitors alike enjoy Park Ridge and its location close to the city, which is an added bonus for businesses which are never short of customers.  Industrial businesses, healthcare facilities, retail shops and other business operations exist within the city limits and there is little which residents desire and cannot find in Park Ridge.

Business Atmosphere

I-90, I-94 and I-294 are a short distance away from Park Ridge which is perfect for businesses who want to be in the center of everything.  Commuter transportation options also include the Metra Union Pacific Northwest Line train service, Pace bus line and CTA bus line.  For air travelers, Chicago O’Hare is only a couple of miles away from Park Ridge.

Other Businesses within Park Ridge

Businesses find that Park Ridge is a good place to open up shop due to its close location to Chicago and the vast needs of residents for a wide variety of businesses close by but outside of the Chicago city limits.  Some of the larger employers of the area include Lutheran General Hospital, George S. May International and Rainbow Hospice.

About the Residents

As shown by the 2000 census, 37,775 individuals call Park Ridge home.  The estimated family income of Park Ridge residents is $112,049 and the median home price for single family homes is $385,000.

Things to Do

Park Ridge residents have plenty to do both within Park Ridge and nearby Chicago.  Park Ridge has lovely parks to enjoy and the landmark Pickwick Theatre is always the perfect conversation piece amongst residents and visitors.  There are also many other historical landmarks which give Park Ridge historical flair.

Dining and Shopping Options in Park Ridge

Park Ridge has many restaurants and shopping venues to visit.  From Chinese food to Italian cuisine, there is a restaurant for every taste in Park Ridge.  For the shoppers out there, the popular shopping hotspots include Uptown, South Park, Summit Mall, Village Green and Crossroads.


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