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Palos Heights is a Cook County city where residents, business owners and employees of Palos Heights companies get to enjoy city convenience in a suburban locale.  With multiple city-sponsored events throughout the year as well as shopping and dining conveniences galore, it is easy to see why Palos Heights is a popular place to lay down roots.

Business Atmosphere

For business owners who lease commercial office space in Palos Heights, the business atmosphere is top-notch.  Whether a company official is choosing to rent space in a corporate center or have their own office all to themselves, Palos Heights can deliver.  Situated in between I-294 and I-55, Palos Heights is in an ideal location for commuters as well as customers heading to your business.  There are also various public transportation options, including the Metra, which customers and your business employees can take advantage of, which is a highly desirable feature these days.

Other Businesses in Palos Heights

There are plenty of other businesses in Palos Heights whom you will call your neighbors if you lease office space there.  Professional service companies, coffeehouses, real estate professionals, convenience stores, dentists, restaurants and a plentiful amount of retail shops could surround you, whether you are in the downtown business district or a low-rise office building within the town limits.  It is good to have business neighbors as this will increase your client base as well when the customers come to town to do business with one company they may then move on to do business with your company in your area of industry.

About the Residents

Palos Heights residents enjoy the convenience of a city atmosphere in suburban living.  As of the 2000 census, there were 11,260 residents in Palos Heights.  The median income was $69,907 and the median home value was $210,500.  Of the households in Palos Heights, ¼ of them had children living within and the median age of the population of the city was 47 years.

Things to Do

Those who live and work in Palos Heights can take advantage of many great outdoor venues and activities.  The Art Garden is a community meeting place and garden setting with beautiful sculptures and landscape.  Residents, employees and visitors to Palos Heights can walk around the garden and take in the day.  The Parks and Recreation Department of Palos Heights also offers other options for individuals including their multiple parks, pool and teen center.  Adults and kids alike will enjoy Lake Katherine where they can hike and engage in various educational nature-filled activities.  There are also plenty of special events held throughout the year.

Dining and Shopping Options in Palos Heights

Palos Heights residents, business owners and business employees have dining and shopping options right at their door.  Pizzerias for casual food or fine dining establishments for a romantic meal out, whatever you crave you will find it in Palos Heights.  Shopping options, both large retail stores and small boutiques, are also readily accessible to individuals around town and many are in walking distance from residences and local businesses.

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