Orland Park Office Space


There are many wonderful cities and towns throughout Illinois for which to lay down roots and/or work.  Orland Park is one of them.  Located approximately 25 miles from Chicago, Orland Park was named #46 on the Best Places to Live in America list published in 2006 by Money Magazine.  This suburban location is the ideal spot for residents and employers alike who want a locale filled with friendly faces and business opportunities galore.

Business Atmosphere

Orland Park offers residents and area workers a central location.  It is easy to navigate to and from Orland Park with ease.  Drivers doing business in town can take I-80, I-55 and I-355 to get around the area which allows drivers to reach the office locations, stores and other businesses with little hassle.  There are three Metra stops which service Orland Park including 143rd, 153rd and 179th streets.

Other Businesses in Orland Park

Orland Park is a village with plenty of commercial residents.  The healthcare field is extremely prominent throughout Orland Park and chances are that if you lease office space in the area, there will be a medical professional located not too far from you.  Other business neighbors may include retail stores, service professionals and those in the finance field.

About the Residents

Orland Park had a population of over 51,000 people in the 2000 census.  The median household income was $67,574 in 2000 but increased to around $76,760 in 2007.  Approximately 1/3 of the Orland Park households have children in them who are able to take advantage of the great school districts in the area.

Things to Do

Orland Park is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and those who love to stay active.  Some of the popular Orland Park spots include the Sportsplex, Centennial Park Aquatic Center and Lake Sedgewick.  There are also many great shopping centers and dining establishments for those who like to take part in indoor activities.

Dining and Shopping Options in Orland Park

One will never be without excellent dining options in Orland Park.  With restaurants like Harrison’s and Devono’s, the cuisine choices of the area are top-notch ones.  Orland Square Shopping Center offers a plethora of stores for shoppers to take advantage of and there are smaller boutique shops spread throughout Orland Park for those who prefer shopping on a smaller scale.

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