​Millennial​ ​Values​ ​In​ ​A​ ​Modern​ ​Office​ ​Space

The millennial generation, traditionally defined as individuals born between the years 1982 and 2004. Why are they important? Well, they entering the job market and will continue to with for years to come. Let’s perspective, a child born in 1982 would have graduated college around 2005; born in 2004? Expect to be graduating and entering the workforce around 2027. 

At Tenant Advisors, we posed the question : what does this generation value in a workplace?

We spoke with millennials that recently entered the workforce to discover what inspires and fuels their passion in competitive work environments.

Data Analyst: office size 75-100 people

 “ I work at a company that has outgrown its office space, currently we’re forced to have to maximize office space by sacrificing efficiency.

A lack of common space is detrimental, the only place you have is your desk area. If you need to take a phone call, we don’t really have anywhere in the office you could step aside to.

On the flip side – the office is in a great location. It’s very convenient to hop on the El and get to work in 30 minutes.

Our office has a great view of the city, we also have great facilities available in the building. Often times I’ll take advantage of the gym”

Inside Sales: office size 750-1,000 people

“ I think my favorite thing about my office is the layout and location. I am incredibly close to public transportation and am able to utilize the CTA to get to the office quickly, my commute is usually like 45 minutes.

My office has great amenities, they have a great common areas and a nice kitchen.

What I love about my office is the open collaborative, layout.

You can talk and interact among your coworkers, being able to get advice or ask for help from someone close by is really nice.

Something I think could be improved on is the aesthetic, I think the office could be better decorated. Don’t get me wrong, it looks really nice as is, but some fresh paint or new artwork would make a big impact in my opinion. Some more colors in the office would really brighten up the place and I would argue inspire creativity “

Financial Planner: office size 200-300 people

“ A lot of the work we do is collaborative and involves usually a whole team of people working together. Our meeting rooms are great, they are linked up with great technology so we can video chat among other offices really without having many problems.

Our clients depend on us to have a quick turn around so not having to worry about this or that going wrong, knowing we have reliable equipment allows us to better tackle the problem at hand.

Something I would improve on in my office would be to reconsider cubicles. Often times I find it acting as a barrier for productivity, often sending emails to people across the room.

I understand it’s how a lot of offices have been traditionally laid out, but this doesn’t necessarily mean this is the way it needs to be, ya know?”

There you have it, a first hand account from rising young professionals. For all your Chicagoland Office Space needs, Tenant Advisors will guide you every step of the way. Give us a call today at 847 778 0296, we look forward to hearing from you.

Office Space Negotiations

Commercial office space lease terms can be lengthy, especially when compared with their residential counterparts. However, there always comes a time when a lease term is up and it’s time to either renew or look for a new office space in which to relocate. Landlords are often in a better place at this time since they know that it’s no easy task to get up and relocate your entire business. Therefore, negotiating terms is often on the side of the landlord. With that said, this doesn’t have to be the case, especially if you show signs of interest in moving to a new location.

Look Around at Other Office Space Leases in the Area

When the time comes to renew your lease, you don’t want to be scrambling trying to find possible alternatives to your current location. You should know what other options are out there in case you and your landlord cannot agree on favorable lease terms with a new lease. Also, by checking out the other alternatives, you are letting your landlord know that you are not 100% set on renewing the current lease, which may make the landlord more likely to offer new lease terms which are more favorable to the tenant in the leasing contract.

Discuss Future Lease Arrangements with Current Landlord Well in Advance

Another easy way to show your current landlord that you may, or may not, be renewing your lease with them is to sit down with your landlord and discuss the future lease terms. Before you commit to a new lease with your current landlord, you want to be sure that this will be the best move for you and your company. If your landlord feels as if you have no other option but to stay in your current location, they will be less generous with the lease terms which they offer. You don’t want to be put in that position so be sure to get a feel for what your landlord will be offering if you decide to renew your commercial office space lease.

Utilize the Services of a Tenant Representativechicago office space listings

An additional way to let your landlord know that you are searching for other accommodations is to hire a tenant representative. When you utilize the services of a tenant representative, your landlord knows that you are not just going to settle for any and all terms which the landlord offers to you and you will be fighting for the best tenant-oriented lease terms possible. Your tenant representative can help out, no matter whether you decide to renew your current lease or venture out to find a new location in which to set up your company.

As a tenant, you still have flexibility when it comes to getting the best possible lease terms in a renewed lease. Just be sure to explore all options and don’t let your landlord believe that you will automatically renew your lease for lack of any other options as this will not help you to obtain the best lease terms should you choose to renew.

Wheaton Office Space

Wheaton Office Space For Your Business

Wheaton Office SpaceWith a location 25 miles west of Chicago, Wheaton is the perfect place to lease an office space for your company. Suburban locale, large client possibilities and other wonderful businesses surrounding you will only work to boost your consumer number. Wheaton, which is located in DuPage County, has a population of approximately 53,000 and is the county seat.

Benefits to Leasing Office Space in Wheaton

There are many reasons for business owners to lease an office in Wheaton. First, the location is ideal. As a suburb of Chicago and a pretty large city all on its own, business owners will reap the benefits of city aspects in the suburbs. This means that amenities, activities and availability of consumers are all at one’s door in Wheaton. Dining and shopping is prevalent and stores and restaurants such as Serenade, Gap, Ann Taylor, Ivy Restaurant, Suzette’s Creperie and others will provide you with the food, products and service options you and your employees can certainly utilize.

Business owners who lease a commercial office in Wheaton will also appreciate that it is easy to reach from many different parts of the area. Whether you and your employees are coming from Chicago or heading to Wheaton from other surrounding areas, it is an easy place to reach. Major roadways include Route 38 and Route 56. There are also two Metra stops in Wheaton which adds to the list of transportation possibilities.

Local events also bring individuals to Wheaton, which will increase your client base potential. Throughout the year, Wheaton is the place for food festivals, holiday events and more. Some of the events which Wheaton is famous for include the DuPage County Fair, Wheaton Wine and Arts Festival, Downtown Trick or Treat and much more.

Another reason to lease commercial office space in Wheaton relates to the availability of office leases throughout this city. There are plenty of lease options to choose from in Wheaton. You can obtain a single floor space of an office building, a small, individual office and even a large corporate commercial space for large companies and corporations. It’s nice to have options when it comes to leasing an office and Wheaton supplies these options for you.

The setups of the office are wide and varied as well. You can obtain a shared office space or have a commercial office which services your company and your company alone. Many of the office leases will include parking, which makes it easy for the boss, the employees and the clients to get to your office and find a place to park.

Use a Tenant Advisor to Help You Locate Wheaton Office SpaceWheaton 2

Due to the large geographical area of Wheaton and the vast amounts of leasing options available, the best bet is to use a tenant advisor to help you find the perfect office space lease in Wheaton. Wheaton commercial office space leasing is much easier when you have a knowledgeable professional in the field to help you with the process.

Leasing commercial office space in Wheaton is sure to yield positive results for businesses large and small.

Bannockburn Office Space

Bannockburn Office Space Leasing

Bannockburn Office SpaceBannockburn, Illinois is an excellent locale for leasing commercial office space for many reasons. The village itself is located in the North Shore region of Chicago and is known for its wealthier attributes. In addition to having an affluent residential base, Bannockburn offers a dedicated consumer base to businesses in the area. Many people like to buy goods and services locally and when you lease office space in Bannockburn you can meet the needs of the area residents.

About Bannockburn

There are a variety of reasons to lease commercial office space in Bannockburn. Before doing so, it is important for business owners to learn more about the area and its many wonderful attributes. Bannockburn is a smaller village, with a population of less than 2000. Bannockburn came into existence in the 1920’s and has maintained its small town feel since then. Route 22 and the Tri-State Tollway enable individuals to get to and from Bannockburn. In addition to quite a bit of residential neighborhoods, Bannockburn is also home to many business parks and commercial areas.

What To Do In Bannockburn

There are many dining establishments and retail stores throughout Bannockburn. Those who live and work within Bannockburn can enjoy meals at Eggsperience, Panera Bread, San Gabriel Mexican Cafe, Starbucks and more. Shops such as Erehwon Mountain Outfitter and the future Heinen’s Fine Foods are just two of the many current (and future) stores which cater to those who live, work and play in Bannockburn, Illinois. For those who love the outdoors, Bannockburn is the ideal spot for outdoor activities, with its beautiful views and open space park areas.

Why Lease Office Space In Bannockburn?

Business owners eager to lease office space in Bannockburn will be even more anxious to do so when one learns why Bannockburn is the ideal location. First, the suburban location of Bannockburn makes it enticing. No city traffic jams or exorbitant parking fees in Bannockburn. This is an engaging concept for both consumers and employees who work at your office. Another reason to lease an office in Bannockburn relates to the commercial office space availability. Business owners of large and small businesses will have their choice when it comes to office space for lease options in Bannockburn. Also, business owners leasing office space in Bannockburn will be privy to a good customer base. If you offer a much-needed product and/or service, you can be sure that the consumer base will be one which can afford your goods and services and will therefore purchase your items.Bannockburn Office Space

Leasing office space in Bannockburn simply makes sense. The location is a superb one due to its suburban attributes where parking and lease availability will not be an issue. Also, businesses of all sizes and varieties are prevalent throughout Bannockburn which means that you will be in good company when you set up shop. Before deciding on a particular Bannockburn office space, make sure that the individual office space will meet the needs of your company, your employees and you. Bannockburn is a great Illinois village for all types of businesses and your business is sure to fit in well there.

Warrenville Office Space

Warrenville Commercial Office Space Leasing

Warrenville Office Space

Business owners have a big decision to make when it comes to office space leasing in the Chicago area. Some business owners focus their office space search within the city limits whereas others prefer a suburban locale. For those who prefer the latter, Warrenville is a great choice. Situated 30 miles west of Chicago, Warrenville is an ideal location. It is not too far from the city but far enough away to maintain suburban, small town attributes. With a population of more than 13,000, there are plenty of opportunities available to business owners leasing office space in Warrenville.

About Warrenville

Warrenville has a larger population than some of its suburban neighbors but still maintains a small town feel. Residents choose Warrenville for its many residential options but also because plenty of businesses are close by as well. Businesses, in a variety of sizes, fill Warrenville. Some of the more prominent ones include Exelon, Edward Hospital, Target and Life Time Fitness. Warrenville is also home to many restaurants and smaller, privately-owned shops in addition to many professional service providers.

Things To Do In Warrenville

There is so much to do in Warrenville. This comes in handy for business owners and their employees during their time off from work. Movie theaters, restaurants, parks, shopping and more await you in Warrenville. This is a draw not only for the business employees but also for the customers who utilize your business services or buy your products. That which draws them to Warrenville makes it more likely that these individuals come across your business as well. Warrenville is an established city with plenty of attractive qualities for those who live there, work there and simply come to town for a visit.

Why You Should Lease Office Space In Warrenville

Warrenville office space

There are many choices when it comes to leasing commercial office space. As a business owner, you have to pick the location which will be the best choice for your company. Warrenville is an excellent choice. Whether your business is a small, private company or large corporation, Warrenville commercial real estate is available for lease. Consider factors such as the part of town you lease your office within, the interior amenities, the exterior amenities, parking options and more. You should also consider public transportation options for the benefit of your employees who may be commuting to and from work via public transportation.

Also, when you choose to lease an office in Warrenville, you are leasing commercial space in an area which encourages new business. The commercial arena is a positive one in Warrenville and will welcome your company with open arms. In addition, Warrenville is a city with a generous amount of residents. This means that your consumer base is sure to flourish in a locale such as Warrenville.

Warrenville is the city of choice for businesses of all sizes. You will have a good customer base, plenty of leasing options and the ability to work in a location which does not have to deal with some of the issues a large city, i.e. Chicago, has to face, such as traffic jams, parking problems and high rental prices. Warrenville has much to offer commercial entities which open up their doors within the city limits.