Mount Prospect Office Space


The Mount Prospect area is a popular Illinois locale for both residents and business owners who lease commercial office space there.  Those who live in Mount Prospect have access to a multitude of dining, shopping and entertainment options while those who open up their business doors in Mount Prospect enjoy a large client basis which is expanding on a daily basis.  With its location 22 miles away from downtown Chicago, Mount Prospect offers a convenient location a short drive away from the big city.

Business Atmosphere

Although one can open up shop and lease office space anywhere in Mount Prospect which allows commercial properties, many business owners choose to lease office space in the downtown area.  Due to its recent renovations and increasing appeal to customers, the business owners who desire an office space lease usually head to the downtown locations.  The major highways surrounding Mount Prospect, such as I-190, I-290 and I-94, allow customers to reach your business with ease which makes it more likely that customers will not only come from within the village but outside as well.  There are also Metra and Pace lines which run to Mount Prospect and provide easy transportation for workers and clients.

Other Businesses in Mount Prospect

Mount Prospect has plenty of shopping centers which are host to a number of popular restaurants and retailers.  Some of the big names include Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, AMC Theaters, Chipotle, Garden Fresh Market and Hobby Lobby, to name a few.  There are also business offices owned and leased by professionals of all kinds including attorneys, real estate agents, doctors, landscape companies, insurance agents and more.  Basically, any type of goods or services which are needed can be acquired in the village of Mount Prospect.

About the Residents

In 2000, Mount Prospect had 56,265 residents per the year’s census.  The median family income sometime between 2005 and 2007 was stated to be $81,574.  Mount Prospect residents enjoy a scenic community with plenty of shopping, dining and service options to fit their needs.

Things to Do

Residents, business owners and their employees enjoy living and working in Mount Prospect as there is plenty to see and do while they are there.  Park districts such as the Mt. Prospect Park District, River Trails Park District, Arlington Heights Park District, Des Plaines Park District and Prospect Heights Park District all offer park options to the people of Mount Prospect.  For others who like to stay indoors at times, there are a couple of movie theaters in Mount Prospect as well as the local library for book aficionados.

Dining and Shopping Options in Mount Prospect

Whether you are eager to have a slice of pizza or an elegant dining experience, there is a restaurant in Mount Prospect which will fulfill your needs.  From the usual yet popular chain restaurants like Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings to the privately-owned cafes, you can get a meal sure to please.  Shopping options are also wide and varied.  There are large department stores in Mount Prospect as well as small boutiques which appeal to the masses.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Tenant Representation Professionals

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