Office Relocation Checklist

Office Space Relocation Checklist

Office Relocation Checklist

There will be a time when you need to relocate your business and move elsewhere.  Sometimes the move is due to the need to acquire a larger office space whereas in other instances it may be due to the fact that you wish to relocate to a different part of town.  Regardless of the reason for the move, it is always helpful to have a game plan ready so that your move will go as smoothly and as uneventful as possible.  The following is a handy office relocation checklist you can keep in your back pocket and this checklist will help to make your office relocation an easy and efficient one.

4 Months Prior To the Move

Many business owners make the decision to move at least three or four months prior to the desired move date, on average.  This allows the business owner time to survey the options, choose a location and get a game plan set so that the move in and of itself is effortless.  Here are some things which should be accomplished four months prior to the move:

  • Obtain a real estate agent
  • Visit potential commercial properties
  • Determine the desired new office attributes
  • Create a basic timeline for the move
  • Let your employees know about the move
  • Set the date of the move
  • Locate and obtain the new property

2 Months Prior to the Move

The primary move requirements should already be obtained, including having the location secured and letting your employees know of the impending move.  As the two month mark prior to the move approaches, the requirements will start to get more specific in nature.  Here are the things which you should take care of two months prior to the move:

  • Hire a moving company
  • Order new signs for the business exterior
  • Order new stationary, letterhead, business cards, etc.
  • Contact clients and let them know of the upcoming move
  • Set up utilities for the new business location
  • Arrange for future cancellation of your current utilities
  • Order new furniture
  • Start organizing documents and office furniture for the move

1 Month Prior to the Move

As the time of the move approaches quickly, you will need to start focusing on things such as acquiring packing material and notifying government offices of your new address.  The following will list some other pertinent issues to address one month prior to the move:

  • Contact insurance provider for new office space insurance
  • Order new office keys
  • Assign office space to current employees
  • Order new checks
  • Update bank information
  • Inventory and tag current electronics and furniture
  • Obtain packing materials
  • Notify USPS of address change
  • Pack non-necessity items (those which won’t be needed prior to the move)

1 Week Prior to the Move

In just a few days, you will be relocating to your new office space.  Here are some of the final things you should address before the big day:

  • Back up office computers
  • Pack remaining office items
  • Label packed office items
  • Pack up desk items/employee personal items
  • Inspect new office
  • Remind clients of the move
  • Remember not to schedule client appointments until post-move
  • Assign staff members moving duties

Day of Your Office Relocation

The day has arrived and it’s time to move into your new office space.  Here are some things to take care of on moving day:

  • Only have essential employees present
  • Post signs in new office space to direct movers
  • Direct movers in both locations
  • Have food/drinks available for movers/staff members
  • Final cleanup of old office

This is a general checklist which should help to make your move an efficient one.  Feel free to make revisions to the list by adding other pertinent details or omitting ones which may not apply to your individual business.