Northfield office space

Northfield Office Space

Northfield office space


Northfield is a Cook County village located only 19 miles from the city of Chicago and only a short distance from scenic Lake Michigan.  Whether living or working in Northfield, individuals find that they have a little something of everything to enjoy within this village.  Residents can take advantage of a lovely setting and friendly neighbors while business owners who lease commercial office space in Northfield have access to plentiful customers and leasing options within the area.

Business Atmosphere

Many business owners choose to lease or purchase commercial office space in Northfield.  It is close to the city of Chicago but has a suburban feel which means that business owners can attract clientele who prefer to do business outside of Chicago and will surely appreciate the ease of parking and driving around town.  Companies and corporations of various sizes will all find plenty of office space to lease within Northfield.  It is an ideal location due to the suburban feel as well as the readily available public transportation options.  For those who drive, Northfield is close to I-94 and I-294 and those who take public transportation can take the commuter train to get to and from the village area.

Other Businesses in Northfield

Northfield has its share of businesses, large and small.  When you lease commercial offices in Northfield you may find that some of your neighbors include Kraft Foods and the Stepan Company, to name two.  Smaller companies are placed throughout town and the business owners lease many of the locations.

About the Residents

Northfield is a small, friendly village of approximately 5,389 residents.  Out of the 2,155 households, 62.8% contained married couples and 31.2% of the total number of households had children living within them.  The median household income was $91,313 and the median family income was $114,279.

Things to Do

Due to its outdoorsy setting, it should be no wonder that Northfield has plenty of outdoor activities for residents and village employees to take advantage of throughout the year.  There are three neighborhood parks in Northfield which are extremely family-friendly and fun for all.  There is also a community center with a quality gym inside which many Northfield residents use.  For older residents, the senior center in Northfield is one of the best in the area.  Those who enjoy shopping and eating will also love all that Northfield has to offer.

Dining and Shopping Options in Northfield

As Northfield is a lovely, small town, you will certainly not be surprised that small boutiques, antique stores, quaint cafes and other fine dining establishments would be a common sight throughout the village.  Have a delicious meal in one of the top restaurants in town or go antique shopping along the scenic streets of Northfield.  There are many options regarding both dining establishments and retail shopping throughout Northfield.  From individually owned stores to national retailers, Northfield is sure to please.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Representing Office Space Lease Tenants

At Tenant Advisors, Inc. we are driven to provide our business tenant clients with the best possible tenant representation services around.  Our reputable and professional real estate staff members will help business owners to zone in on the perfect office space to lease and then secure the office space lease with ease.  Our company represents office space tenants only…never office space landlords.  We want our loyalties to lie with one distinct party…which is the business tenant.

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Bloomingdale Commercial Office Space

Bloomingdale Office Space

Bloomingdale Commercial Office Space


Located in DuPage County, the village of Bloomingdale offers much to residents and business owners alike.  With its attractive suburban locale yet convenient city access, Bloomingdale is a prime location for business owners to lease commercial office space and individuals to purchase homes.  Approximately 25 miles west of Chicago, Bloomingdale provides residents and business employees with easy transportation to and from the big city but allows them to be free of the hustle and bustle if they so desire.

Business Atmosphere

Situated close to I-355 and I-290, Bloomingdale offers easy transportation to commuters in and around the village.  As one knows, it is imperative that a business is located in an easy to reach spot and those who lease office space in Bloomingdale can rest assured that their clients and employees will be able to get to them with ease.  In addition to interstate access, public transportation options are also available.  Bloomingdale has Pace bus transportation and there are two Metra stations located right outside of the village for those who take the train.  Businesses of all sizes can open up shop in Bloomingdale and there is a need for every type of goods and services vendor by residents and neighboring business employees.

Other Businesses in Bloomingdale

Plenty of businesses exist within Bloomingdale.  From telecommunications companies to clothing retailers, there is something for everyone to buy or utilize in Bloomingdale.  The Stratford Square Mall has plenty of businesses within it but there are also corporate office buildings as well as individual offices and commercial establishments which line the streets of Bloomingdale, such as in the Old Town Bloomingdale section.

About the Residents

According to the census of 2000, there were 21,675 residents living in Bloomingdale.  The median family income was $78,889 in 2000 and the median home value during that time was $209,200.  A little less than 1/3 of the households had children living in them and more than 1/2 had married couples in the households.

Things to Do

Whether you live, work or are visiting Bloomingdale, there is plenty to do there.  The Bloomingdale Park District offers outdoor activities for individuals of all ages, the Bloomingdale Public Library is a nice place to go and spend some quiet time and the golfers will love the Bloomingdale Golf Club and the Hilton Bloomingdale Indian Lakes Resort Golf Club.

Dining and Shopping Options in Bloomingdale

Those who like to shop and dine will feel right at home in Bloomingdale.  Whether you are a resident or a business owner who leases commercial office space, there are options galore.  The shopping venues which attract many consumers include Stratford Square Mall, Springbrook, Old Town Square and downtown Old Town Bloomingdale, to name just a few.  Dining options are also quite favorable in the village.   Quaint bistro dining and casual chain restaurants await you and you are certain to find a cuisine that is truly to your liking in Bloomingdale.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Bloomingdale Commercial Office Space Awaits You

Leasing office space in Bloomingdale is a wise business move for business owners who crave a locale outside the big city limits but one which contains all the amenities one could possibly want.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. is here to help you find a commercial office space to lease in Bloomingdale and get you in the space with ease.  Our professional real estate staff will guide you along the leasing path and won’t stop until we find you the ideal office space to lease.

Our service is free for you to use and allows you to locate the right office space lease to suit your company’s needs.  We work only with tenants, never landlords.  By doing so, this ensures that our loyalties are firmly rooted with you, the office space tenant.  Not only will our staff help you to locate office space possibilities but we will help you in various dealings with your future landlord as well.  Once you sign the lease and have moved in, feel free to call on us for any reason at all during your lease term.  At Tenant Advisors, Inc. we are here for you.

Complete the form on this page if you are seeking a tenant representation firm which will have your leasing interests in mind the entire way.  We will contact you ASAP and get the leasing search started for you.  Learn all that Bloomingdale has to offer your business in the way of office space leasing.

Lake Forest Office Space


Lake Forest is a lovely and well-to-do city in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  With its location on Lake Michigan, one will find it easy to see that the beauty of Lake Forest is readily apparent.  Not only do residents of Lake Forest enjoy the area but so do businesses which open up their stores and lease office space in this area.  There are plenty of customers for which to sell one’s goods to or offer services to and business owners find that having an office space within Lake Forest is quite beneficial to their commercial entity.

Business Atmosphere

There are three main areas of commercial entities within Lake Forest including the Market Square region.  Within these three areas business owners will find that two of them have Metra stations which provide easy access for both company employees as well as consumers.  The genre of business varies throughout Lake Forest and one can find restaurant and retail space to lease as well as corporate office buildings.  Lake Forest is easily accessible to those who live in town, those who reside in neighboring communities and Chicago residents as well.  I-94 and Skokie Highway make it easy for drivers to get to businesses in Lake Forest.  Those who wish to take the Metra can get there with ease as well by using either of the two Metra stations located within the business districts.

Other Businesses in Lake Forest

Lake Forest has quite a few well-known corporations operating within the city limits.  Some names in which you may be familiar with include Brunswick, Hospira, Tenneco, and Covered Logistics.  If you lease office space in Market Square, you will have neighbors such as Talbots, J. Crew, Einstein Bagels, and other restaurants and retail stores.  The corporate centers and office buildings in other commercial areas throughout Lake Forest are filled with architects, attorneys, doctors, landscape companies, and more.

About the Residents

In a 2008 estimate, 21,300 residents were said to be living in Lake Forest.  The median family income for Lake Forest residents per a 2007 estimate was $200,000+.  Of all the households in Lake Forest, there were 39% with children in them and 73.6% had married couples within the home.  The median age of a Lake Forest resident is 41 years.

Things to Do

When you are wondering what to do in Lake Forest, the answer is never really that far away.  There are many different options regarding Lake Forest activities.  If you are a fan of polo and it is the month of August, then enjoying the game in Lake Forest is easy to do.  For others who are interested in different activities or for those seeking out activities during the rest of the year, Lake Forest is your ideal spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and boating.  The Parks and Recreation Department of Lake Forest offers a fitness center, camps for kids, ice skating, a wide array of special events, and more for residents to enjoy.  Golfers will also be able to hit the course at the Deerpath Golf Course.  Those who like indoor activities will enjoy bowling in Lake Forest and shopping at some fantastic retail shops and boutiques around town.

Dining and Shopping Options in Lake Forest

Dining and shopping is an easy feat in Lake Forest.  For those who love to eat out, you can choose Sushi Kushi Toyo if you like Japanese food or pay a visit to Ferentino’s Pizzeria if an excellent pizza pie is what you crave.  Shoppers will adore Market Square and can pop into Williams-Sonoma for some classy cookware or head over to J. Crew to expand their wardrobe.  No matter what your style or tastes may be, Lake Forest has the perfect options available to you.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Lease Office Space in Lake Forest

Lake Forest is the ideal spot to lease office space, no matter what your business industry may be.  Both individual professionals as well as large corporations feel right at home in Lake Forest.  If you are seeking office space to lease in this city, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help in the search.  Our professional real estate staff will guide you in the right direction and help you locate the necessary office building space.  We will show you various options until you are satisfied with your final decision.

Not only do we help you in starting the search but we will be with you along the way.  We will guide you through the commercial lease process and help you with your landlord issues.  Our representation services are free for you to use and we only represent business tenants, never the office landlords.  Our loyalty lies with business tenants such as yourself.

Don’t go into the leasing process alone.  Allow Tenant Advisors, Inc. to be there for you.  Enter your contact information on the form on this page and we will contact you promptly.  We will discuss all of your leasing needs with you and get started finding you the perfect commercial office space to lease in Lake Forest.

Elk Grove Village Office Space


Northeast of the city of Chicago and O’Hare International Airport lies Elk Grove Village.  Convenience is a definite attribute of Elk Grove Village as it offers proximity to the city while still maintaining its own character.  The township has a good residential and commercial base and is eclectic in nature all around.

Business Atmosphere

Business owners who lease property in Elk Grove Village find that it is easy to get used to the area and all that the commercial opportunities afford them.  As it is close to various public transportation options, including the Metra train service, bus line and taxis, those who open the doors to their business in Elk Grove Village find that it boosts the business atmosphere quite a bit.  In addition to public transportation, those who choose to drive to work at the Elk Grove Village office or do business there as clients will find that easy access is theirs as well.

Other Businesses in Elk Grove Village

Businesses of all sizes and types have a place in Elk Grove Village.  When you lease commercial office space in this locale you will have small company neighbors such as Alphagraphics, First American Bank of Elk Grove Village, Alan Kushner & Assoc. and more.  There are also plenty of larger companies and corporations in the township including Citigroup, Automatic Data Processing and American Academy of Pediatrics.  From graphics companies to financial entities to dentists and everything in between, you are bound to find plenty of variety when it comes to business neighbors in Elk Grove Village.

About the Residents

Elk Grove Village has a good population size for a township with 32,745 individuals per the 2000 census.  The median income per household was $62,132 and the per capita income for Elk Grove Village was $28,515.  The work habits of the Elk Grove Village residents vary.  Some work and live within the Village while others take the short drive into Chicago.  One-third of the households had children living with them and over half of the households contained married couples.

Things to Do

One will find that there is plenty to do in Elk Grove Village.  The Elk Grove Public Library offers kids and adults a good place to catch up on their reading while the Jack E. Claes Pavilion Recreation Center is perfect for playtime for all ages as well.  Other places which offer fun activities in Elk Grove Village include the Audubon Skate Park, Fox Run Golf Links and Rainbow Falls Waterpark, to name a few.

Dining and Shopping Options in Elk Grove Village

From Thai food to bagels and everything in between, diners in the Elk Grove Village area will enjoy all that is available to them.  Whether you need a quick break from work for a fast lunch or are seeking out an elegant dining establishment for a relaxing dinner, Elk Grove Village will deliver.  Shopping is also readily available in town.  In the 1990’s the downtown area of Elk Grove Village underwent some major renovations which is where a lot of the shopping options are currently at.  Whether you are searching for grocery stores, retail clothing boutiques, home décor shops or other types of establishments, Elk Grove Village is the place to go.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Tenants Find the Perfect Office Space Lease

Leasing office space in Elk Grove Village is a smart move for business owners to consider.  If this sounds like the plan you have been seeking, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help.  Our professional staff will cater to your every office leasing need and guide you through the process from start to finish.  We will highlight your commercial leasing options and work with you and the landlord to reach an agreement which benefits you, the tenant.  With that said, our loyalty will always be to you and never the landlord as we represent tenants only.

It is important to also point out that the services which Tenant Advisors, Inc. offers to business owners hoping to become office tenants is FREE.  We will help you with your leasing needs with no cost to you.

Our real estate professionals will meet with you and go over your needs.  From that point, we will show you what your options are in Elk Grove Village.  Once you have decided on a property or are interested in a few prior to narrowing it down to one, we will work along with you and the landlord to seal the deal and get you the office lease you desire.

Contact us today by filling out the form on this page and we will get back to you right away to see how we can help you fulfill your commercial office leasing needs.

Sublease Office Space vs. Direct Office Space Leasing

Commercial real estate options are wide and varied for business owners.  There are many different leasing arrangements which owners of businesses can engage in so that they can carry on business in the best possible manner.  Two of the main types of leasing arrangements are subleasing and direct office space leasing.  The following will highlight each leasing arrangement and discuss the pros, cons and comparisons of each type.

Subleasing Office Space

When individuals enter into a sublease in order to secure office space they are entering into a transaction with the current tenant of the office space.  In order to sublet office space, the lease between the current tenant and landlord must allow such an arrangement to be entered into.  Should the business owner agree to sublet the office space from the current tenant, they will often find that there are certain obligations owed not only to the current tenant from whom they obtained the sublease from but also the landlord of the building.

There are certainly pros to entering into a sublease for office space.  The first deals with monthly rent.  One who sublets office space will often find that their rent is the same or less than what the current leaseholder is paying.  Also, business owners who want to get involved with a sublease agreement may be happy to know that the office space is quite frequently all set up and ready for them to start their business operations right away.  In addition, one who is in a sublease agreement may also find that they are not bound too stringently to the landlord of the building and have more leeway in what they do under the sublease agreement.

There are also cons to subletting office space rather than obtaining it outright from the landlord.  As mentioned above, although some sublease agreements can be less strict for the business owner, the opposite may be true at times as well.  Some business owners who rent office space this way find that their hands are tied to not only the current tenant but the landlord due to regulations regarding the building.  Although some aspects of the primary lease will not apply to them in their position as a subletting entity since the contract was between the landlord and primary tenant, certain points under the lease will apply to them due to general building rules.  Lastly, certain tenants sublet their office space rental to others in order to make some money in the end and this may produce less than favorable results for the business owner who sublets the property from the initial tenant if they have to pay higher rent than the primary tenant is paying.

Direct Office Space Leasing

For those who choose to rent office space directly from the landlord of the building, this means that there is a contract only between two parties, the landlord and tenant (business owner).  This type of lease can be for a year or a period of five years as commercial office space leases will vary.  With this type of lease there is no confusion as to which party is responsible for what aspect of the office space rental arrangement as it will be set out in the single lease between both parties.

The pros of a direct office lease are quite plentiful in number.  First, the tenant in direct office space leasing will know exactly what is required of them during their tenancy.  Also, the landlord will know who is paying them and who to go to when they need to discuss rental matters which makes things easier for both parties.  Direct office space leasing can also help to lessen costs for the business owner as they won’t have to pay increased rates sometimes requested by tenants eager to sublet their office space to make a quick dollar.

As for the cons of direct office space leasing, business owner tenants may find that the terms of the lease are less flexible than they would be had they sublet the office space from a current tenant.  For example, the business owner may be able to sublet a place for a year whereas those tenants who enter into direct office space rental may be locked in to a longer lease term and be unable to change the length of the lease.  Also, those who obtain direct office space leases may not be able to get into the office space right away or find that the office space has a lot of work to be done to it before the business owner can set up shop.

Which Leasing Arrangement Is The Better Option?

After having reviewed both options, subletting and direct office leasing, you may be wondering which is the best bet for you.  The answer to this question is that it all depends.  It will depend on your line of business, the current availability of subleases or direct office leases in your area, what lease terms you are seeking out and how much each type of lease arrangement will cost you.  To make the best decision, consider your current business operation status and review both sublease and direct office lease opportunities in your area.  Just make sure to thoroughly understand your role in either the sublease setup or direct office lease arrangement prior to signing the contract so that you can make a well informed decision in the end.