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Oakbrook Terrace Office SpaceLeasing office space is a common commercial real estate option for businesses these days. For business owners in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, leases are readily available. One city which sees a lot of leasing potential for businesses of all sizes is Oakbrook Terrace. Located in DuPage County, Oakbrook Terrace has the space and leasing variety which draws new businesses in each year and keeps the local businesses in place year after year as well.

Oakbrook Terrace: Perfect Place to Live and Work

Oakbrook Terrace has a good combination of commercial and residential areas. Both residents and business owners choose Oakbrook Terrace because it offers something for everyone. Residents appreciate the friendly, safe community with plenty of housing options while business owners find that the leasing options, readily available amenities and location of Oakbrook Terrace suits their business needs well.

Location Allows Ease of Access

As a suburb of Chicago, one who lives and/or works in Oakbrook Terrace will find that they are close enough to Chicago to visit when they like and getting to/from Oakbrook Terrace is a simple task. If you choose to drive to/from Oakbrook Terrace, major roadways such as I-88, I-355 and I-294, as well as plenty of smaller roads, are close by. For flights, O’Hare International Airport is not too far away, which is a nice convenient option, especially for business travelers.

Shopping and Dining Options Are Plentiful

When you live and work in Oakbrook Terrace, it’s good to know that you won’t have to go too far for shopping and dining options. Popular stores such as REI and AT&T, in addition to small, locally-owned boutiques and shops, meet the area residents and employees shopping needs while dining options include Jimmy John’s, Subway, Giordano’s, Caribou Coffee, Devon Seafood & Steak and more ensure that one will have a wide array of food options to choose from for all of their meals. Having these service providers in town is a great aspect for residents and commercial entities.

Recreational Activities Keep Residents and Business Owners/Employees Entertained

There are many recreational activity opportunities for residents and business owners in Oakbrook Terrace. The Drury Lane Theater is a popular spot as well as various parks throughout the city. During the summertime, there are outdoor events which keep the whole family entertained. Fitness centers are also found in town which is a great option for before/after work and on the weekends.Oakbrook Terrace 3

Commercial Leasing Opportunities in Oakbrook Terrace

Businesses can lease an office in Oakbrook Terrace in various locations throughout the city. The convenient locale of Oakbrook Terrace is in a suburban area but still close to Chicago which makes it ideal. Whether your business calls for a single office setting, shared office space or large office building, there is a spot for you to lease in Oakbrook Terrace. Your tenant representative can help you to locate the perfect lease for your business and help you to get well on your way to opening up shop in Oakbrook Terrace with ease and efficiency.

Oakbrook Terrace Office Space

Located in DuPage County, Oakbrook Terrace benefits from a suburban feel while still being close to Chicago.  Oakbrook Terrace has a small population (2,300 in 2000) within the city limits but has a lot of surrounding areas which brings in business customers and visitors.  Those who live in Oakbrook Terrace like the fact that they can live so close to Chicago without physically being within the city limits.

Business Atmosphere

Oakbrook Terrace has an excellent business atmosphere.  Due to its close proximity to Chicago, plenty of business owners express an interest in leasing commercial office space or buying property in Oakbrook Terrace.  It is close to all of the major roads and highways such as I-294, I-290, I-88 and I-395.  Public transportation including the Metra train, Pace bus line and taxis are readily available.  Both O’Hare and Midway airports are within a short driving distance, which is perfect for business owners who get a lot of customers flying in from out of town.

Other Businesses in Oakbrook Terrace

Oakbrook Terrace Tower is home to 31-floors of office space and is a building owned by General Electric.  There are seven hotels in Oakbrook Terrace which offer lodging for business clients coming into town to do business with you and your company.  In addition, the Chicago Automobile Trade Association has its business headquarters in Oakbrook Terrace.

About the Residents

The population of Oakbrook Terrace has increased a bit from the number figured at the 2000 census.  The median household income of Oakbrook Terrace residents was $59,148 and the median family income was $85,374. The residents have an easy commute for those who work in Chicago although many Oakbrook Terrace residents work right in the city where they live.

Things to Do

Since it is so close to downtown Chicago, it would stand to reason that there would be plenty to do in the area.  Shopping, dining, entertainment, nightlife and more are all yours in Oakbrook Terrace.  There is also Drury Lane, a large conference center and theater in one.  Conferences, banquets, trade shows, concerts and more are held at Drury Lane.

Dining and Shopping Options in Oakbrook Terrace

Breakfast, lunch and dinner options are yours for the choosing in Oakbrook Terrace.  From Dunkin Donuts to Chipotle for different cuisines and Drury Lane Restaurant to Capri Classic Italian Ristorante there is plenty to choose from in the way of dining.  There are many stores which you can shop at when you visit the Oakbrook Center and other individual stores throughout the city.

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