Oak Lawn Office Space


Located southwest of Chicago, Oak Lawn offers residents and business professionals vast opportunities outside of the city limits.  From a plethora of shopping and dining options to service providers of every type, there is very little you cannot find in Oak Lawn.  With its close proximity to the city of Chicago you also have extra avenues in case you want to venture into the big city for one reason or another.

Business Atmosphere

Being close to Chicago, Oak Lawn has many of the amenities of the big city such as public transportation, ease of access via interstates and a big customer base.  Travelers coming from out of state to do business with Oak Lawn business owners who own or lease office space in the village can get there easily by using O’Hare or Midway International Airports.  The business atmosphere of Oak Lawn is wonderful as there is close proximity to the city, excellent public transportation options and plenty of opportunities all around.

Other Businesses in Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn has pretty much every type of business you could imagine.  From florists to art stores and everywhere in between, there is a goods and/or service provider for you in Oak Lawn.  Many businesses lease office space in Oak Lawn to save money on mortgage payments and upkeep as they would rather just pay the rent.  Whether you are large corporate entity or a small sole practitioner, you will be sure to feel right at home in the business community of Oak Lawn.

About the Residents

In the 2000 census, there were 55,245 individuals living in Oak Lawn.  The per capita income was $23,877 and the home values at that time hovered around $200,000.  Oak Lawn has a large Irish population but is quite eclectic with heritage and ancestry overall.  A little more than half of the households included married couples within them.

Things to Do

Those who love the outdoors will surely appreciate all of the parks which Oak Lawn contains.  The village also has a new children’s museum which is sure to hold the attention of kids of all ages.  The Stony Creek Golf Course also draws in individuals from both within the village and outside as well.

Dining and Shopping Options in Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn as a village has undergone quite a few renovations in the past years.  New shopping areas, parking garages and other new additions have added to the already unique flavor of the village.  New shopping areas means expanded options for those who love to shop and shoppers will now find small, privately owned boutiques as well as national retailers to choose from.  Dining options are also wide and varied.  No matter what type of cuisine you crave, you are certain to find it in Oak Lawn.

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