Northfield office space

Northfield Office Space

Northfield office space


Northfield is a Cook County village located only 19 miles from the city of Chicago and only a short distance from scenic Lake Michigan.  Whether living or working in Northfield, individuals find that they have a little something of everything to enjoy within this village.  Residents can take advantage of a lovely setting and friendly neighbors while business owners who lease commercial office space in Northfield have access to plentiful customers and leasing options within the area.

Business Atmosphere

Many business owners choose to lease or purchase commercial office space in Northfield.  It is close to the city of Chicago but has a suburban feel which means that business owners can attract clientele who prefer to do business outside of Chicago and will surely appreciate the ease of parking and driving around town.  Companies and corporations of various sizes will all find plenty of office space to lease within Northfield.  It is an ideal location due to the suburban feel as well as the readily available public transportation options.  For those who drive, Northfield is close to I-94 and I-294 and those who take public transportation can take the commuter train to get to and from the village area.

Other Businesses in Northfield

Northfield has its share of businesses, large and small.  When you lease commercial offices in Northfield you may find that some of your neighbors include Kraft Foods and the Stepan Company, to name two.  Smaller companies are placed throughout town and the business owners lease many of the locations.

About the Residents

Northfield is a small, friendly village of approximately 5,389 residents.  Out of the 2,155 households, 62.8% contained married couples and 31.2% of the total number of households had children living within them.  The median household income was $91,313 and the median family income was $114,279.

Things to Do

Due to its outdoorsy setting, it should be no wonder that Northfield has plenty of outdoor activities for residents and village employees to take advantage of throughout the year.  There are three neighborhood parks in Northfield which are extremely family-friendly and fun for all.  There is also a community center with a quality gym inside which many Northfield residents use.  For older residents, the senior center in Northfield is one of the best in the area.  Those who enjoy shopping and eating will also love all that Northfield has to offer.

Dining and Shopping Options in Northfield

As Northfield is a lovely, small town, you will certainly not be surprised that small boutiques, antique stores, quaint cafes and other fine dining establishments would be a common sight throughout the village.  Have a delicious meal in one of the top restaurants in town or go antique shopping along the scenic streets of Northfield.  There are many options regarding both dining establishments and retail shopping throughout Northfield.  From individually owned stores to national retailers, Northfield is sure to please.

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