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Northbrook Office Space

Located north of Chicago, Illinois is the village of Northbrook. Home to many residential neighborhoods as well as business entities, Northbrook is a well-rounded location where both homeowners and business owners alike will be welcome. For those who are eager to lease office space in a Chicago suburb, the village of Northbrook holds many enticing features.

Convenient Location for Business Owners, Employees and Customers

When you select an area in which to lease a business, you want to choose a location where customers and your employees can get to you with ease. In Northbrook, this is possible. With a location between I-94 and I-294, Northbrook is easy to reach, no matter which way you are coming from into the area. Having interstate access to your leased office space in Northbrook ensures that customers will reach you and do so with little trouble on their end. With a convenient location, your customer base will increase and stay where you need it to be in order for your business to be as lucrative as possible.

Combination of Residents and Businesses Increase Customer Base

With approximately 34,000 residents living in Northbrook and plenty of individually owned businesses and corporations in the village as well, it is easy to see that both groups are represented in the area. With the large amount of residents, business owners who rent office space in Northbrook are making it more likely that their customer base will increase. Many individuals like to utilize the businesses in their residential area due to time constraints, convenience and patronizing the local business owners. With a residential base of more than 34,000, you will find that it is a wise idea to open up shop where there are plenty of residences as well.

Amenities in the Area Improve Your Business Opportunities

Leasing office space requires the business owner to consider what is surrounding the office in addition to the office space itself. Locations which have amenities in the general vicinity will be most beneficial to the business owner. When you lease Northbrook commercial office space in an area with restaurants, stores and other area businesses, you are choosing a favorable location for your company. The presence of these amenities makes it easy for your employees to go out for a lunch break and to a store or two before heading back to work. Also, when there are restaurants and stores close to your leased office premises, you will get a lot of additional foot traffic, which means that your business will be visible to the masses.

Leasing a small office space in Northbrook or an entire commercial office building is a good decision for business owners to make. The leasing of office space in this Chicago suburb opens up clientele possibilities as there are plenty of residents in the area and it is easy for those living outside of Northbrook to reach your office. In addition, you will find a wealth of commercial neighbors close by which will also add to your customer traffic coming and going throughout Northbrook. With an office space lease in Northbrook, you will please both your employees and your customers by choosing a convenient place to do business.

Northbrook Office Space

Situated in Cook County, Illinois, the village of Northbrook appeals to residents and business owners alike.  It is close enough to Chicago to take advantage of big city features yet far enough away to be considered its own all-encompassing locale.  With plenty of commercial office space options in Northbrook, businesses are opening up shop on a frequent basis and making themselves available to the residents of Northbrook and surrounding areas.

Business Atmosphere

The business atmosphere has never been better in Northbrook.  Surrounded by I-94, I-294 and I-90, clients come from near and far to get to Northbrook companies and corporations.  O’Hare International is close by for airplane travelers and the Metra and Pace lines are good options as well.  The fact that Northbrook is close to Chicago yet not within the hustle and bustle of the city attracts business customers who want ease of access to the business.

Other Businesses within Northbrook

Commercial entities are large in quantity in Northbrook.  Large corporations including Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and Crate & Barrel currently have their headquarters in Northbrook and join many other well-known companies which lease office space in Northbrook.  There are also plenty of retail stores and restaurants located within Northbrook Court, the regional mall.  This is in addition to the companies, boutiques and other commercial entities throughout town.

About the Residents

The residents of Northbrook enjoy the availability of various businesses which rent office space in town.  According to the 2000 census, Northbrook had a population of 33,435.  The median income of Northbrook households was approximately $115,842 as stated by a 2007 estimate.  Residents of Northbrook enjoy the parks, schools and libraries which provide them with a comfortable and convenient place to live.

Things to Do

Whether living in Northbrook or visiting the area, there is plenty to see and do.  Taking advantage of outdoor recreation or shopping at one of the many great shopping centers or malls are good choices.  The Northbrook Theater offers lovers of the performing arts a place to see their favorite musicals and performances.  For those who like history, a trip to the Northbrook Historical Society will provide an in-depth glimpse into the past and provide entertainment for young and old alike.

Dining and Shopping Options in Northbrook

If shopping is what you crave, Northbrook Court is the place to start.  This large mall has a wide array of shops and dining establishments to meet the needs of all.  For those who wish to shop at smaller shops or boutiques, any one of the many shopping centers or plazas will be a good choice.  Dining is also a favorite pastime of Northbrook residents, visitors and businesspersons.  From Chicago-style pizzerias to upscale dining options, Northbrook offers a little bit of everything to those seeking a bite to eat.

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