Lincolnwood Office Space


Lincolnwood is a Cook County village which draws in residents and business owners for a variety of reasons.  Located just north of the Chicago city limits, Lincolnwood provides residents and business owners leasing office space there the opportunity to be close to Chicago yet maintain a suburban atmosphere at the same time.  According to the 2000 census, 12,359 residents called Lincolnwood home.  Lincolnwood is only 2.7 square miles but packs a lot of great things in its small geographical area.

Business Atmosphere

Whether you decide to lease or purchase office space in Lincolnwood, either is a good move to make.  Business owners who lease commercial office space in the village or purchase their office buildings find that the locale is ideal as those clients with whom they do business can reach the offices with ease and won’t have to face parking issues such as within the Chicago city limits.  Metra and Pace lines offer individuals the perfect public transportation options, including not only consumers but business owners and employees as well.  Lincolnwood is close to I-94 and I-90 which gives drivers an easy way to get to and from the village and do business with your company.

Other Businesses in Lincolnwood

When you lease office space in the village of Lincolnwood you may find that your business neighbors range anywhere from small, private companies to large corporations.  Some of the larger employers within Lincolnwood include Bell and Howell Postal Systems, Eastman Kodak Company, Ada Metal Products, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. and Saks, Inc.  Other office space is filled with a wide array of service providers including financial companies, medical offices, attorneys, retail stores and more.

About the Residents

Residents of Lincolnwood enjoy the close proximity to Chicago but equally appreciate the fact that they are outside the big city limits.  The median family income of Lincolnwood residents was $83,687 in 2000 and the median home value in 2005 was $401,900.  A little less than 1/3 of the Lincolnwood households had children within them and 67.2% of all households contained married couples.  The occupations of the residents were wide and varied ranging anywhere from retail professionals to health professionals and everywhere in between.

Things to Do

Lincolnwood offers many things for residents and business employees to do throughout the days and nights in the village.  Golfers with a membership to the private country club are sure to enjoy a day on the course at Bryn Mawr Country Club.  The parks throughout Lincolnwood feature tennis courts, baseball fields and an outdoor pool.  The Lincolnwood Public Library is the perfect place for individuals and family members to enjoy a good book or take part in one of the many library-sponsored activities happening throughout the year.

Dining and Shopping Options in Lincolnwood

Those who are heading out to do some shopping in Lincolnwood often go straight to the Lincolnwood Town Center, which is an indoor mall in the village.  In fact, there are more than 100 shops to select from at the Town Center.  For those who prefer to do some shopping at smaller, individually-owned stores, there are plenty to choose from along Devon Avenue, Touhy Avenue and Lincoln Avenue.  For restaurant options, business owners who lease office space in Lincolnwood, their employees and residents of the village can dine at establishments such as Myron & Phil Steakhouse, Wholly Frijoles Mexican Grill and Psistaria Greek Restaurant, to name a few.

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