Lease Office Space in the Libertyville Area

Libertyville is a Chicago suburb which offers plenty for residents and business owners alike. This town is located 40 miles outside of the Chicago city limits but still has all of the great city-inspired amenities which one seeking a place to lease office space could possibly want. In Libertyville, there are businesses ranging anywhere from small professional offices to large corporate giants. No matter what industry your business falls within, Libertyville has the perfect office space leasing options for you.

Reasons to Lease Office Space in Libertyville

One of the first reasons why business owners venture to Libertyville to set up shop and lease office space there relates to the location. Libertyville, although 40 miles outside of Chicago, is easily in driving distance from this big city. Those coming to and from Libertyville can hop on I-94 and Edens Expressway or use some of the smaller roads to travel in and out of this area. The Metra is also a transportation option for those who work in Libertyville or wish to do business with companies which lease commercial office space there. This central location is one reason why business owners rent office space in Libertyville.

Another great reason for choosing Libertyville as your office space lease location relates to the leasing options which you will find in this town. From industrial office space for lease to professional office space, there is a little bit of something for every type of business owner in Libertyville. This is not only beneficial for you as a business in that you can easily find a place to lease in Libertyville but also for the fact that you will have plenty of different business neighbors which makes it likely that the customers of other businesses nearby may find you as well.

When you lease an office in Libertyville you will also benefit from the fact that parking and travel within the town is an easy feat for both employees who work at the company and clients who visit the company as well. When compared with what you would have to deal with if you worked in the city, Libertyville workers and customers will easily travel through town and find parking with ease.

Business owners who search for office space to lease have many requirements in mind when they do so and one such requirement relates to amenities, both in the office building as well as the surrounding area. Those who lease an office in Libertyville will love the fact that there are plenty of amenities located nearby. From restaurants to dine at during the lunch break to retail stores to shop at before and after work, Libertyville offers many options to business owners, their employees and their clients. As for office amenities, many of the office buildings for lease are quite encompassing regarding interior amenities and business owners who lease office space in such buildings are sure to appreciate the added extras which they receive.

If you are searching for ideal office space to lease, Libertyville is a great Chicago suburb to consider.

Libertyville Office Space

Libertyville offers residents and business owners a little bit of everything.  Situated approximately 40 miles northwest of Chicago, Libertyville is a great location for singles and families to live and business owners to buy or rent commercial office space in town.  Libertyville is such a pleasant place to live that it came in at #52 on the CNN Money Magazine 2007 list of the best places to reside in the U.S.  If you are a business owner hoping to rent office space in Libertyville, you will be welcomed in with open arms by a warm and friendly community.

Business Atmosphere

The main street in Libertyville, Milwaukee Avenue, goes through the center of town and provides easy access for residents to reach businesses which rent office space in Libertyville.  For those venturing in from out of town, the most direct routes include I-94 and Edens Expressway.  Business customers taking the Metra in from Union Station in Chicago will find easy access via the Milwaukee District North Line.  For business clients who fly into O’Hare International Airport, a quick train ride from the airport to Union Station and then up to Libertyville is easily achieved.  No matter what type of transportation mode is desired, Libertyville is easy to reach.

Other Businesses in Libertyville

Libertyville contains businesses of all types within its borders. Some of the larger employers within Libertyville include Motorola, Hollister, Condell, Volkswagen Credit and Fabrication Technologies, to name a few.  Other smaller businesses, restaurants and retail stores of varying sizes open up their doors to Libertyville residents on a daily basis.

About the Residents

Libertyville is a perfectly-sized village of approximately 21,760 residents, in accordance with a 2005 census estimate.  The residents of Libertyville make a good living and have a median household income of $106,337 according to an estimate taken in 2007.  Friendly neighbors and small town atmosphere make Libertyville the perfect place to live, work and play.

Things to Do

No matter if you like reading, history, recreation or outdoor fun, there is plenty to do in the village of Libertyville.  Whether you are picking up a good book at the Cook Park Library or the Evergreen Interim Library or attending one of the many annual festivals held in the village, there is something for all ages to enjoy.  The location of Libertyville also makes it easy to take a short trip over to Lake Michigan for plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Dining and Shopping Options in Libertyville

No matter what type of dining options your employees may be looking for, if you rent office space in Libertyville they are sure to have their pick due to the wide array of restaurants in the village.  There are approximately 80 different dining establishments to choose from, each one a little bit different than the rest.  Shopping venues are also quite various in nature.  Main Street offers quaint boutiques, antique shops and gourmet food stores while other parts of Libertyville are filled with a vast array of shopping centers where you can find all that your heart desires.  Business owners like the dining and shopping opportunities which the village affords them and is one of the many reasons why renting office space in Libertyville is a good choice.

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