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Libertyville Commercial Office Space Leasing

As a northern suburb of Chicago, Libertyville holds a lot for both residents and business owners to enjoy. Residents move to Libertyville for its beautiful, safe neighborhoods and plentiful amenities close by while business owners lease commercial office space in Libertyville for a different reason…the welcoming customer base.

Benefits for Residents and Commercial Tenants

Libertyville may entice individuals and businesses for different reasons. However, there are shared positive attributes as well. Libertyville has a lot for individuals to do within the village limits. For lovers of the outdoors, Libertyville offers 2 golf courses, 3 lake areas and more than 10 parks to choose from when craving some outdoor time. For the swimmer, there are two pools in Libertyville which residents can take advantage thereof.

Shopping and dining options are also readily available in Libertyville. Stores such as LexiWynn Designs, Serendipity, Lindsey’s Interiors and Gifts, Rollands Jewelers, Trader Joe’s and more can be found in Libertyville. Looking for a bite to eat? No problem. Try dining options such as 545 North Bar and Grill, Bakers Square, Casa Bonita or the Egg Harbor Cafe to satisfy your appetite.

Transportation is also easy in the Village of Libertyville. Travel by car is common but there are also various modes of public transportation as well. Libertyville has three Metra stations which offer various transportation options throughout the state.

Why Business Owners Should Lease Commercial Office Space in Libertyville

Forbes had stated that Lake County, where Libertyville is located, is one of the top places for businesses within the U.S. In fact, when you look at the statistics surrounding Libertyville, one can see that this area is a good one for business owners. When you lease commercial office space in Libertyville, you are placing yourself and your company in a great position.

Libertyville has about 900 local businesses in operation within the village limits. With a population of approximately 20,000 residents, you know that the client base is there and ready to use your products and services. When leasing an office in Libertyville, you are making yourself available to the consumers and making it likely that your business products and services will be put to good use.

Also, there is an affluent residential base in Libertyville. This means that not only will you have customers around you, but they will be customers who can afford your goods and services. Even with the 900 local businesses currently in place, a population of 20,000+ equates with you having a good flow of consumers to your company.

Find the Perfect Office to Lease in LibertyvilleHand Shake

There are companies/entities of all sizes in Libertyville. From large institutions such as Volkswagen Credit to even larger establishments like the Advocate Condell Medical Center, the types of businesses are wide and varied. Office leases are varied as well in Libertyville. So, no matter whether you are searching for a single room office in an office building or want to rent out an entire corporate center, the Village of Libertyville will be able to accommodate your business needs.