West Loop Office Space

The West Loop neighborhood of Chicago offers so many wonderful and unique options for those who live there and also business owners who lease commercial office space in the area.  With its trendy feel and central location, the West Loop locale is ideal for many reasons.  Those who wish to lease office space in Chicago often zone in on West Loop and spend many years operating their business there.

Business Atmosphere

With its downtown location, one who is doing business with office space tenants in West Loop can get there with ease.  The major routes going into the city include I-94, I-290, I-90 and I-55.  Once in the city and trying to reach West Loop, one can use Grand Avenue, Ashland Avenue or the Eisenhower Expressway to do so.  Public transportation is also plentiful for those who wish to leave the car at home and get around West Loop via taxis, buses or trains.

Other Businesses in West Loop

West Loop is a popular spot for art galleries and restaurants of all varieties.  One of the most famous neighbors business tenants will have when they lease space in West Loop is Oprah at her Harpo Studios.  Retail shops and nightclubs also line the streets of West Loop, giving the area a vibrant feel 24/7.

About the Residents

Although West Loop is home to many different businesses, it is also a popular place to live.  Lofts and condos are prevalent in the area which allows individuals to live in the city in a spacious home setting with great views.  With its scenic location on the Chicago River, residents of West Loop have plenty to look at while in their city homes.  Those who live in West Loop like the city vibe and also the convenience as they can get to almost any type of business they desire in the West Loop area.

Things to Do

Whether you own a business in West Loop and rent office space there or are one of the many trendy residents who call it home, you will find that the area is filled with things to do.  Whether you are visiting art galleries, dining at one of the many great restaurants in the neighborhood or taking in an Oprah show, you won’t get bored in West Loop.

Dining and Shopping Options in West Loop

Because it is a unique locale, you will find plenty of interesting spots to eat, drink and shop at in West Loop.  When you visit the West Loop area you can find many different cuisines at the restaurants located there and extraordinary items to purchase at the quaint shops which line the streets.  The dining and shopping options appeal to individuals who work in West Loop and also people who live there and want to go to a store or restaurant within walking distance from their home.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  West Loop Commercial Office Space for You

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