Chicago River North Office Space

 Office Space In Chicago River   North

Located within the Near North Side community of Chicago, Chicago River North is a mecca of business and residential dwellings all mingling nicely to provide optimal locations for business owners and residents alike.  Businesses including art galleries, bars, restaurants and retail shops line the sidewalks and provide a wide array of services to clientele.

Business Atmosphere

In its downtown location, Chicago River North is the perfect spot for city businesses which want central locations and large amounts of customers walking in and out of their doors on a daily basis.  The area known as Chicago River North is nestled between Michigan Avenue, Chicago Avenue and the Chicago River.  Transportation by car, train, bus and taxi make it easy to get to the Chicago River North area to do business with local establishments there.

Other Businesses within Chicago River North

Chicago River North is second to Manhattan with regard to the amount of art galleries in an area within the U.S.  In addition to art galleries, there are many different restaurants, interior furnishing stores and other variety retail stores.

About the Residents

Chicago River North has a high residential population which is said to be 97, 811 residents.  Many of those who live in Chicago River North occupy high rises and condos.

Things to Do

Chicago River North is a well-known entertainment and cultural locale.  Bars and nightclubs are placed strategically throughout the neighborhood as well as many wonderful art galleries for residents and visitors to peruse.

Dining and Shopping Options in Chicago River North

With its central downtown location, it should come as no surprise that Chicago River North has plenty of dining and shopping venues.  No matter what type of store you are seeking out or cuisine which you desire, it is only a short walk away in Chicago River North.

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