Downers Grove

Office Space Leasing In Downers Grove, Illinois

Downers Grove

Leasing an office for your business is a wise choice. You can lease an office for a wide array of lease terms and choose one which suits your needs. If you are looking for an office space to lease in Downers Grove, you are in luck as there are many options available. Small office space, large office buildings and other types of office space leases are available to business owners in Downers Grove. There are many reasons to lease office space in Downers Grove.

Downers Grove Is Outside of Chicago but Close Enough To the City

Located southwest of Chicago, Downers Grove has a suburban feel but a location which enables residents and business owners/employees to reach the city with ease. Leasing an office in Downers Grove provides business owners with more room to move and allows the customers of the business ease of access to and from the office. This location will suit all parties involved and still be convenient enough for city residents to reach the business as well.

Businesses and Residents Alike Appreciate the Benefits of Being in Downers Grove

Downers Grove has everything one could want in a village. The area is filled with stores and restaurants as well as residential neighborhoods. Downers Grove offers its residential and commercial residents so much in the way of amenities that many do not even have to leave the Village of Downers Grove when they need to find a product or service. This benefits both residents and business owners. It benefits residents by allowing them access to amenities in their hometown and benefits the business owners by enabling them to provide their goods and services to Downers Grove residents.

Downers Grove Is Evolving Continually

Downers Grove is not a stagnant community. The area is continually evolving with new homes, new businesses and new opportunities for all individuals involved. When business owners choose Downers Grove to lease an office within, they are choosing a spot which will welcome new businesses and provide the business with the customer base it needs to not only survive but to flourish as well. With a village that continually grows, this allows the residents and businesses to grow with it and take advantage of all that the Village of Downers Grove has to offer.

Leasing an office in Downers Grove simply works. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small, startup entity or a company which has been in existence for many years. The area of Downers Grove encourages growth of businesses and there are plenty of different office space lease options to pick from when deciding on an office space lease. Your tenant advisor will guide you through the leasing process and identify the pros/cons of different office space options within the town. With this information on your side, you can select the office rental establishment which will help your business to grow and prosper. As part of the Downers Grove framework, your business will add to the many wonderful aspects of this village.

Office Lease Options: The Best Time To Exercise

In commercial leases, there are many clauses for tenants to pay mindful attention to, in addition to reading the entire lease carefully, of course. However, the Lease Option clause is an extremely important one to be on the lookout for prior to signing a commercial office space lease. This is the clause which will tell you when, and if, you will be able to renew your lease when the time comes to do so. Even if you have no current plans to renew your commercial lease or are unsure as to whether you plan to stay in the location once your lease expires, it is always wise to ask for one of these clauses to be put into the lease, if it isn’t already.

Why Is A Lease Option Important?

There are a few reasons why tenants who lease office space should be sure to have a lease option included in their commercial lease. First, this type of option to renew provides the tenant with a future plan should they decide to stay in their office space and renew the lease for another term. It guarantees that you won’t have to pick up and move if you are not ready to when your current lease expires. Secondly, an option to renew in the lease will lay out the details of the cost of your rent when you renew and help you to be certain that the price at which you renew is acceptable to you. It provides you with a way to lock your current lease rent amount into place for the future. Lastly, with the cost it takes to relocate a business, you want to know that you won’t have to if you don’t want to. You can feel confident in knowing that you won’t have the expenses of relocation down the road.

When Is The Best Time To Exercise The Lease Option?

The best time to exercise a lease option to renew will depend on the language in your current lease (or the lease you are about to sign if this is your first time entering into a lease with the new landlord). The Lease Option clause will highlight when you must exercise your lease option in order for it to be valid. This will often depend on the state you are in and what the normal notice is for commercial tenants who wish to exercise their lease option with their landlords. Always pay close attention to the time period stated within the lease because if you fail to exercise your option to renew on time, your landlord basically doesn’t have to let you stay in the premises unless they want to overlook the delay in exercising the lease option and allow you to stay anyway.

Having a lease option in your commercial office space lease is simply a smart idea overall. Just because such a clause is included in the commercial office space lease does not lock you in to renewing your lease when the time comes. If you choose to move to a different location at the expiration of your current lease and not exercise the option to renew, you are free to do so. It is just a good idea to have such a clause in place should you wish to maintain your business at its current location for another lease term.