Elk Grove Village Office Space


Northeast of the city of Chicago and O’Hare International Airport lies Elk Grove Village.  Convenience is a definite attribute of Elk Grove Village as it offers proximity to the city while still maintaining its own character.  The township has a good residential and commercial base and is eclectic in nature all around.

Business Atmosphere

Business owners who lease property in Elk Grove Village find that it is easy to get used to the area and all that the commercial opportunities afford them.  As it is close to various public transportation options, including the Metra train service, bus line and taxis, those who open the doors to their business in Elk Grove Village find that it boosts the business atmosphere quite a bit.  In addition to public transportation, those who choose to drive to work at the Elk Grove Village office or do business there as clients will find that easy access is theirs as well.

Other Businesses in Elk Grove Village

Businesses of all sizes and types have a place in Elk Grove Village.  When you lease commercial office space in this locale you will have small company neighbors such as Alphagraphics, First American Bank of Elk Grove Village, Alan Kushner & Assoc. and more.  There are also plenty of larger companies and corporations in the township including Citigroup, Automatic Data Processing and American Academy of Pediatrics.  From graphics companies to financial entities to dentists and everything in between, you are bound to find plenty of variety when it comes to business neighbors in Elk Grove Village.

About the Residents

Elk Grove Village has a good population size for a township with 32,745 individuals per the 2000 census.  The median income per household was $62,132 and the per capita income for Elk Grove Village was $28,515.  The work habits of the Elk Grove Village residents vary.  Some work and live within the Village while others take the short drive into Chicago.  One-third of the households had children living with them and over half of the households contained married couples.

Things to Do

One will find that there is plenty to do in Elk Grove Village.  The Elk Grove Public Library offers kids and adults a good place to catch up on their reading while the Jack E. Claes Pavilion Recreation Center is perfect for playtime for all ages as well.  Other places which offer fun activities in Elk Grove Village include the Audubon Skate Park, Fox Run Golf Links and Rainbow Falls Waterpark, to name a few.

Dining and Shopping Options in Elk Grove Village

From Thai food to bagels and everything in between, diners in the Elk Grove Village area will enjoy all that is available to them.  Whether you need a quick break from work for a fast lunch or are seeking out an elegant dining establishment for a relaxing dinner, Elk Grove Village will deliver.  Shopping is also readily available in town.  In the 1990’s the downtown area of Elk Grove Village underwent some major renovations which is where a lot of the shopping options are currently at.  Whether you are searching for grocery stores, retail clothing boutiques, home décor shops or other types of establishments, Elk Grove Village is the place to go.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Tenants Find the Perfect Office Space Lease

Leasing office space in Elk Grove Village is a smart move for business owners to consider.  If this sounds like the plan you have been seeking, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help.  Our professional staff will cater to your every office leasing need and guide you through the process from start to finish.  We will highlight your commercial leasing options and work with you and the landlord to reach an agreement which benefits you, the tenant.  With that said, our loyalty will always be to you and never the landlord as we represent tenants only.

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Our real estate professionals will meet with you and go over your needs.  From that point, we will show you what your options are in Elk Grove Village.  Once you have decided on a property or are interested in a few prior to narrowing it down to one, we will work along with you and the landlord to seal the deal and get you the office lease you desire.

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