Office Space In The East Loop Area

Finding commercial office space for lease in the Chicago area is an important venture. You want to choose an office space to lease which will accommodate both you and your employees perfectly while being in a convenient locale for customers as well. If you are eager to rent office space in a downtown Chicago location, the East Loop area is a great one to consider. In the East Loop area you are close to all different types of amenities and have the public transportation convenience which is evident in a city location.

Get To and From Your Commercial Office Space Rental with Ease

Due to its downtown location, the East Loop area of Chicago offers plenty of transportation options for employers and their employees and customers. The Metra and Pace bus line are two easy public transportation routes which run through the East Loop area. Because of its downtown Chicago location you can easily find taxis to get around town as well. For those who drive into the city to work at your leased commercial office space or do business with your company, there is also a wide array of parking garages nearby which provide ample parking options for employees and patrons as well.

Enjoy Plentiful Amenities in the East Loop Area

Since one can’t expect to work every hour of the day, it stands to reason that you would want a location to lease office space where there are amenities nearby. East Loop has so many great dining and shopping options to keep you busy on your lunch break as well as before and after work. Your customers will also appreciate the amenities close by as they can visit your business as well as take care of other errands while downtown. Restaurants, retail stores, event centers and more will be at your doorstep if you lease office space in the East Loop area.

Be In Close Proximity to Other Commercial Neighbors

When you rent commercial offices in the East Loop area, you certainly won’t be the only business on the block. And this is a good thing. When you lease an office space in an area filled with other businesses, not only will you be able to cater to your own clients but you may gain quite a bit of new clientele simply from those who wander over after they finish their business dealings with some of your commercial neighbors.

Renting an office in the East Loop area simply makes sense. You will find that the transportation options are readily available, the amenities nearby will be sure to delight you and your employees and your client base may grow simply by gaining business from those who are in town to complete business transactions with your neighbors. When you lease an office in East Loop you are taking your business to the next step and taking advantage of all of the wonderful things which the downtown Chicago area can provide for you. You will enjoy the benefits as will your employees and your clients as well.

East Loop Office Space

The Loop is a downtown part of Chicago known for its multitude of businesses, residential condos, high class dining establishments and shopping options galore.  East Loop is one portion of the The Loop which also has all of these great establishments and amenities for business owners, employees who work in The Loop and individuals who live there to enjoy.  Commercial office space is plentiful and businesses open up quite frequently in East Loop due to the many commercial opportunities present there.

Business Atmosphere

It is really quite easy to get to East Loop as well as maneuver around this part of the city.  The main interstates which will bring in commercial customers to your leased office space in East Loop include I-94 and I-290.  Public transportation including buses and taxis is plentiful in this area.  For those who drive in to East Loop to do business at your commercial office building, they can find a place to park in one of the local downtown parking garages.  Hotels are also quite readily available in the The Loop area so your customers who are staying in town for a few nights, after having flown into nearby O’Hare International, have plenty of choices as to where to stay.

Other Businesses in East Loop

There are all different types of businesses located in the East Loop section of Chicago.  From fitness chains such as L.A. Fitness to Groupon, the famous online coupon company, businesses certainly make their mark here.  There are also plentiful retailers, restaurants and service providers who have bought or leased commercial office space in East Loop.  Practically every type of business owner imaginable has found that the lucrative location of East Loop is ideal for their business needs.

About the Residents

Those who live in the East Loop area are fortunate enough to have every amenity at their doorstep.  Most residents don’t even have to pull their car out of their monthly fee parking garage to get to different businesses in East Loop.  Many commercial office buildings, restaurants and shops are in walking distance and provide East Loop residents with all that they can desire.  There are many condos for East Loop residents to reside within which is an optimal location for these city dwellers.

Things to Do

There is plenty to do in The Loop area.  Aside from shopping and dining options, those who live in this area of the city can attend the Civic Opera House or view outdoor sculptures by famous artists.  The Chicago Symphony Orchestra also plays in The Loop area and historical buildings and museums are abound in this locale.

Dining and Shopping Options in East Loop

For those who prefer to dine or shop, East Loop offers it all.  Small boutiques or large retailers can provide you with all that you want in East Loop.  Restaurants with cuisines of all types line the streets of East Loop providing residents and workers from local commercial office buildings with the right food to satiate their palate at any time of the day.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Commercial Business Tenants with Their Leasing Needs

Tenant Advisors, Inc. has been helping business owners get their commercial office space leasing needs met for many years now.  Our professional staff members are licensed real estate agents who work for the good of commercial office building tenants.  Finding you the perfect place to open your business doors is our primary concern in addition to ensuring that you get the best deal possible in your lease contract.

We will review the available office space rental options with you, show you all that you want to see in the way of commercial office space and then help you to sign the lease and get your company into the new commercial establishment.  We only work with commercial business tenants and do not represent landlords in any capacity.  We dedicate our services to helping those who lease office space and provide them with the information and insight to get the right office space rental for their commercial business needs.

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