Des Plaines

Leasing Office Space in Des Plaines, Illinois

Des Plaines

Des Plaines, Illinois is an area outside of Chicago which holds much potential for residents and businesses alike. Located northwest of Chicago, not too far from Arlington Heights, Des Plaines is filled with much opportunity for businesses large and small, especially those which find an office space to lease in Des Plaines. The office space lease options are wide and varied. From solo practitioners to large corporations, Des Plaines is the perfect location for these businesses to operate out of. There are many distinct reasons why business owners find Des Plaines to be the ideal area for their business.

Des Plaines Is an Easy Location to Reach

Many people like the aspect of doing business in the big city but there are many reasons to appreciate suburban business locales. Benefits such as parking, easy access and having a business close to your suburban residence are some of the reasons why business customers appreciate a suburban business. Therefore, if you are interested in leasing office space in the Chicago suburbs, Des Plaines is a great choice. There are many different commercial leasing options available for business owners to peruse. From small, single office settings to entire floors of commercial offices, Des Plaines has it all in the way of office settings.

Many Businesses Call Des Plaines Home

As a business owner, you will also appreciate the fact that you will not be the only commercial entity in town. Although most businesses do not like competition in their market, there is something to be said about being located in an area with other businesses in different business fields surrounding you. When this occurs, you will find that customers of other businesses may need to utilize your services or buy your products as well as patronize the other businesses. This type of arrangement will work well for your company when you lease office space in Des Plaines as there are plenty of business neighbors around which means that there will be plenty of customers as well.

Des Plaines Is Filled With Stores, Restaurants and Other Amenities

When choosing a town to lease office space within, business owners have plenty of must-have items on their list. One item which should be on the list is amenities. The office space which is rented by the business owner should be in a location that is not isolated, but instead has plenty to offer the business owner, the employees and consumers who do business with the company. Des Plaines has many amenity options throughout the city. From casual to formal restaurants and small boutiques to retail chain stores, Des Plaines offers a great selection of amenities. Prior to choosing the office space to lease, an owner of the business must consider all aspects of the area amenities to pick the right location.

Finding an office space for lease in Des Plaines is an easy choice to make. Business owners who lease offices in Des Plaines will benefit with regard to the location, the commercial business neighbors and the amenities surrounding the commercial office space.

Des Plaines Office Space

The Cook County city of Des Plaines offers a great locale for business owners hoping to open up a store or lease office space.  Located not too far from Chicago, those who open up shop in Des Plaines can benefit from both the local customers as well as those in surrounding areas, including Chicago.

Business Atmosphere

Des Plaines is nestled amongst many popular thruways such as I-90 and I-290.  This allows company owners who lease office space in Des Plaines to get customers in from all directions.  Since many clients will be driving to your place of business, it is important to ensure that they can reach you with ease.  The Metra and Pace offer public transportation options to those who prefer to travel this way.  Air travel is also nearby with the two international airports of the Chicago area.

Other Businesses in Des Plaines

There are many big name businesses as well as small privately-owned companies in Des Plaines.  Some of the popular businesses include UOP, Holy Family Medical Center, Juno Lighting, Sysco and Abbott Molecular.  Some businesses purchase property within the city while others choose to lease their office space.

About the Residents

Des Plaines residents enjoy all of the wonderful things which the city offers them.  The population of the city was at 58,720 during the 2000 census.  Household median income was $53,638 and it was $65,806 for a family.  Those who live here often work local but may sometimes commute to the city for jobs as well.

Things to Do

Whether one enjoys the outdoors or prefers indoor activities, there is something for all to do in Des Plaines.  The McDonald’s Museum is a unique place to visit and there is the Rivers Casino opening up in the summer of 2011.  Outdoor enthusiasts will love the Des Plaines Forest Preserve, the Des Plaines Park District and the Mt. Prospect Park District.

Dining and Shopping Options in Des Plaines

Des Plaines is filled with great restaurants and shopping venues.  For food, the choices are plentiful indeed.  From American cuisine to exquisite ethnic foods, you are bound to find the ideal spot to eat a good meal.  The shopping in Des Plaines is also inclusive.  No matter whether you need groceries, clothing, home improvement items or other types of goods and services, you can find it in this city.

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