Elmhurst and Surrounding Area Office Rentals

The Elmhurst area is an ideal location for business owners looking to lease commercial office space.  Located just west of the city of Chicago, Elmhurst is ideal for both small businesses and large businesses alike.  If you need to locate a small business space for rent or want to lease an entire office building, Elmhurst has the answer.  There are many benefits to leasing office space in Elmhurst.

The Benefits of Leasing Elmhurst Commercial Office Space

A convenient suburban location, within a short drive from the Chicago city limits, is one reason for leasing Elmhurst commercial office space.  Elmhurst is surrounded by interstates such as I-290 and I-294, which provide direct and speedy access to the Elmhurst area from surrounding areas, including Chicago.  Public transportation options, including Pace and the Metra, provide for employers, employees and clients who do business in the Elmhurst area.  For out of town or out of state visitors, O’Hare International is nearby and offers convenient air travel.

Another benefit to leasing commercial office space in the Elmhurst area relates to the large business community within the area.  Businesses such as Sunshine Biscuits and McMaster-Carr Supply Company are two large names in the area.  Add in to the equation all of the smaller, professional businesses and you have a commercial area which is wide and varied.  This provides plentiful leasing options to companies and corporations which open their doors to customers in Elmhurst.

When searching for office rentals, you want to pick an area which has a good amount of amenities in the area and Elmhurst fits this requirement perfectly.  When seeking out restaurants, you will have your pick from casual restaurants to fine dining establishments.  As for shopping, small, privately-owned boutiques and large national retailers can both be found within the Elmhurst area.  These amenities provide employers and employees with good options during their lunch break or before/after work.

Parking options are also ideal in a suburban setting such as Elmhurst.  When compared with parking in Chicago, the Elmhurst area is an ideal setting to find a parking spot.  This is a definite benefit to business employers looking to lease office space in Elmhurst as they want to provide parking, not only for their customers but for their employees.  It always helps to lease commercial premises where parking is close by and readily available.  Elmhurst has this to offer business employers who rent office space in the area.

Office rentals in the Elmhurst area offer business owners easy travel options for their workers and employees, various options regarding office leasing, quite a lot of amenities in the general vicinity and parking options as well.  When searching for the ideal Elmhurst office rentals, consider the size of your company, the desired size of the office space, the office space inclusions and any other features which matter to you and your business entity.  Business owners find that they quickly acclimate to the Elmhurst area and truly appreciate all of the beneficial aspects surrounding this suburban location outside of Chicago.

Waukegan Office Space


Waukegan, Illinois presents plenty of opportunities for residents, business employers and business employees alike.  As it is the ninth largest populated city in Illinois, one would not be surprised to find that there are plenty of residential dwellings and office buildings to lease or purchase within the city.  Waukegan offers a lakeside setting and a city atmosphere all in one.  It is also in driving distance from Chicago and there are plenty of public transportation options throughout Waukegan.

Business Atmosphere

Business owners flock to Waukegan for a few different reasons.  First, the size of the city presents many opportunities for business owners such as a larger clientele base and readily available office space for lease or purchase.  Secondly, there are plenty of public transportation options throughout the city which allows employees and customers to reach the businesses with ease.  Also, the location of Waukegan is appealing as it is close to Lake Michigan and only about 40 miles from Chicago.  Those who drive to and from Waukegan will find easy interstate access and a reasonable commute.

Other Businesses in Waukegan

When you lease office space in Waukegan you will be in good company with a wide variety of other business establishments.  Some of the larger employers throughout town include Lake County, Cardinal Health, Vista Health System, Waukegan Community Unit School District 60, Uline, Coleman Cable and WMS Industries, to name a few.  Individual service providers in addition to smaller companies and corporations also fill the Waukegan business district.

About the Residents

As state above, Waukegan is one of the larger cities in Illinois.  At the time of the 2000 census there were 87,901 residents living within Waukegan.  In 2010, the number increased to 89,078.  In 2000, there were 27,787 households in the city and within that amount there were a little more than 40% of the households with children within them and 49.5% of the total number of households had married couples within them.  The median household income was $42,335 and the median family income was $47,341.

Things to Do

Waukegan offers so many great recreational activities to its residents, employers and employees throughout the city.  The Waukegan Park District contains 46 parks and each has its own unique characteristics.  From playgrounds to hiking/biking trails and everything in between there are plenty of things to do at the Waukegan parks.  There are also recreation centers and fitness centers for individuals to enjoy.  For golfers, a day at the Bonnie Brook Golf Course or Greenshire Golf Course is sure to please.  If cultural events and live music are what you crave, the Genesee Theatre is a popular spot.

Dining and Shopping Options in Waukegan

Waukegan offers big city dining and shopping options for all to enjoy.  For those who love a variety of cuisines, you will be ecstatic to know that Waukegan offers this amenity to you.  Head over to Chipotle for a casual lunch and then have a fine dining experience at Campari Ristorante.  There is so much in the way of excellent dining establishments throughout Waukegan.  There are also plenty of options when it comes to shopping in Waukegan.  Gurnee Mills is one of the largest outlet malls in the Midwest and with over 200 stores to choose from you are bound to leave the shopping venue with plenty of bags.  For the outdoorsy type, a trip to Bass Pro Shops is a must.  In addition, there are plenty of individual stores, retail shops and boutiques which line the streets of Waukegan and offer plentiful shopping options to all.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Company Owners Find the Perfect Office Space Lease

Waukegan offers business tenants plenty of leasing options throughout this big city.  If you are in the market for a business office lease, Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help.  We are a tenant representation firm comprised of seasoned real estate professionals.  Our services range anywhere from helping you locate leasing options to securing that final lease, and everywhere in between.  We know that you want to obtain the best office space lease at the best price and we will help you in your search for that and so much more.

Plus, our services are free for business owner tenants to use.  We will help you in the quest for the perfect office space lease.  You should also know that we only represent tenants and never landlords.  By doing so, we can pledge our loyalty to our tenant customers and you will have peace of mind knowing that we are doing so.

Now is a great time to lease office space in Waukegan and Tenant Advisors, Inc. is ready, willing and able to help in the search.  Fill out our contact form and you will hear from us shortly!

Morton Grove Office Space


Morton Grove is a larger village in Cook County.  With approximately 22,451 residents at the census in 2000, one can imagine that Morton Grove has plenty to offer its residents.  Business owners also flock to Morton Grove to take advantage of its vast array of commercial resources.  Many business owners lease commercial office space there and the size and type of buildings vary greatly.  Whether you live or work in Morton Grove, you are sure to love all that it has to offer.

Business Atmosphere

Business owners like the location of Morton Grove.  It is outside the city of Chicago but still offers access to the city via the various interstates and public transportation options.  Morton Grove has large corporations of various genres within its borders as well as smaller, privately owned companies.  This means that all types of businesses are welcome and fit in well within Morton Grove.  The main interstates close to Morton Grove include I-94, I-90, I-294 and I-190 and make it easy for drivers to reach Morton Grove and navigate around the village.  Public transportation is also offered in the form of Metra, Pace and taxi service.

Other Businesses in Morton Grove

Many businesses set up shop in Morton Grove.  Some of the popular companies and corporations include Avon, Crane Packing, ITT/Bell & Gossett, Kraft Foods and Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals.  Combine these well-known companies with smaller, yet equally as important entities and you have a well-rounded business base throughout Morton Grove.

About the Residents

People love living in Morton Grove, especially families.  In fact, in 2007, Family Circle magazine named it in the 10 Best Towns for Families list.  Out of the 8,199 households throughout Morton Grove, 66.3% contained married couples and out of the total number of Morton Grove households there were 29.3% with children within them.  The median family income in Morton Grove was $72,778.

Things to Do

Morton Grove is a beautiful, scenic area with plenty of outdoor spaces to engage in recreational outdoor activities.  For example, the Cook County Forest Preserve District owns 20% of the land within Morton Grove and establishes much of it for recreational purposes.  Therefore, if you like the outdoors, you are going to love living and working in Morton Grove.  For those who like history, a trip to the historical museum in town is a good one to make.  There are also plenty of other indoor recreational activities to take part in, such as taking advantage of the many shopping and dining options.

Dining and Shopping Options in Morton Grove

Whether you are in the mood for a casual pizza place or an elegant dining experience filled with unique cuisines, the perfect restaurant awaits you in Morton Grove.  You will also have your choice of shopping options, including large retailers such as Old Navy to small, privately owned boutiques.  There is no reason to leave the village of Morton Grove for food or shopping when you have all that you need right at your doorstep.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Business Tenants Find the Ideal Office Space

Tenant Advisors, Inc. offers business owners the help they need with their commercial lease search and acquisition.  Finding the ideal business lease is much easier with Tenant Advisors, Inc. on your side.  Our free service will give you the confidence you need to pursue your dream office lease and know that you are getting the right deal for you.

You should know that Tenant Advisors, Inc. does not represent landlords in any way.  We represent business tenants alone.  By doing so, our clients can feel good knowing where our loyalty lies.  We want to make you comfortable with the leasing process all the way through and get the lease you need and deserve.

Fill out our short contact form and allow us to get started helping you to locate the perfect commercial office space.  We will work alongside of you the entire way and get your company into your new office quickly and with ease.

Oak Lawn Office Space


Located southwest of Chicago, Oak Lawn offers residents and business professionals vast opportunities outside of the city limits.  From a plethora of shopping and dining options to service providers of every type, there is very little you cannot find in Oak Lawn.  With its close proximity to the city of Chicago you also have extra avenues in case you want to venture into the big city for one reason or another.

Business Atmosphere

Being close to Chicago, Oak Lawn has many of the amenities of the big city such as public transportation, ease of access via interstates and a big customer base.  Travelers coming from out of state to do business with Oak Lawn business owners who own or lease office space in the village can get there easily by using O’Hare or Midway International Airports.  The business atmosphere of Oak Lawn is wonderful as there is close proximity to the city, excellent public transportation options and plenty of opportunities all around.

Other Businesses in Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn has pretty much every type of business you could imagine.  From florists to art stores and everywhere in between, there is a goods and/or service provider for you in Oak Lawn.  Many businesses lease office space in Oak Lawn to save money on mortgage payments and upkeep as they would rather just pay the rent.  Whether you are large corporate entity or a small sole practitioner, you will be sure to feel right at home in the business community of Oak Lawn.

About the Residents

In the 2000 census, there were 55,245 individuals living in Oak Lawn.  The per capita income was $23,877 and the home values at that time hovered around $200,000.  Oak Lawn has a large Irish population but is quite eclectic with heritage and ancestry overall.  A little more than half of the households included married couples within them.

Things to Do

Those who love the outdoors will surely appreciate all of the parks which Oak Lawn contains.  The village also has a new children’s museum which is sure to hold the attention of kids of all ages.  The Stony Creek Golf Course also draws in individuals from both within the village and outside as well.

Dining and Shopping Options in Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn as a village has undergone quite a few renovations in the past years.  New shopping areas, parking garages and other new additions have added to the already unique flavor of the village.  New shopping areas means expanded options for those who love to shop and shoppers will now find small, privately owned boutiques as well as national retailers to choose from.  Dining options are also wide and varied.  No matter what type of cuisine you crave, you are certain to find it in Oak Lawn.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Lease Office Space

Leasing office space is a wise move for business owners to make.  It provides them with a place to open up shop and not have to pay for maintenance, upkeep or high mortgage payments.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. can help you locate that exceptional office space to lease for your company or yourself.

We pride ourselves in being loyal to our tenant clients by only representing tenants, all the time.  Also, our services are free for you to use.  This means that you will have reputable real estate professionals on your side during the entire leasing process at no charge to you.

Trying to figure out a commercial office space lease can be quite difficult to say the least not to mention finding a place to set up shop.  Let us help with all of these factors.  Simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.  You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain from using the services of Tenant Advisors, Inc.

Mount Prospect Office Space


The Mount Prospect area is a popular Illinois locale for both residents and business owners who lease commercial office space there.  Those who live in Mount Prospect have access to a multitude of dining, shopping and entertainment options while those who open up their business doors in Mount Prospect enjoy a large client basis which is expanding on a daily basis.  With its location 22 miles away from downtown Chicago, Mount Prospect offers a convenient location a short drive away from the big city.

Business Atmosphere

Although one can open up shop and lease office space anywhere in Mount Prospect which allows commercial properties, many business owners choose to lease office space in the downtown area.  Due to its recent renovations and increasing appeal to customers, the business owners who desire an office space lease usually head to the downtown locations.  The major highways surrounding Mount Prospect, such as I-190, I-290 and I-94, allow customers to reach your business with ease which makes it more likely that customers will not only come from within the village but outside as well.  There are also Metra and Pace lines which run to Mount Prospect and provide easy transportation for workers and clients.

Other Businesses in Mount Prospect

Mount Prospect has plenty of shopping centers which are host to a number of popular restaurants and retailers.  Some of the big names include Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, AMC Theaters, Chipotle, Garden Fresh Market and Hobby Lobby, to name a few.  There are also business offices owned and leased by professionals of all kinds including attorneys, real estate agents, doctors, landscape companies, insurance agents and more.  Basically, any type of goods or services which are needed can be acquired in the village of Mount Prospect.

About the Residents

In 2000, Mount Prospect had 56,265 residents per the year’s census.  The median family income sometime between 2005 and 2007 was stated to be $81,574.  Mount Prospect residents enjoy a scenic community with plenty of shopping, dining and service options to fit their needs.

Things to Do

Residents, business owners and their employees enjoy living and working in Mount Prospect as there is plenty to see and do while they are there.  Park districts such as the Mt. Prospect Park District, River Trails Park District, Arlington Heights Park District, Des Plaines Park District and Prospect Heights Park District all offer park options to the people of Mount Prospect.  For others who like to stay indoors at times, there are a couple of movie theaters in Mount Prospect as well as the local library for book aficionados.

Dining and Shopping Options in Mount Prospect

Whether you are eager to have a slice of pizza or an elegant dining experience, there is a restaurant in Mount Prospect which will fulfill your needs.  From the usual yet popular chain restaurants like Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings to the privately-owned cafes, you can get a meal sure to please.  Shopping options are also wide and varied.  There are large department stores in Mount Prospect as well as small boutiques which appeal to the masses.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Tenant Representation Professionals

Tenant Advisors, Inc. is your tenant representation specialist for Mount Prospect commercial office space leases.  We will closely look at your needs when it comes to leasing office space, see what is available for you and then help you to obtain the right office space rental.  Our real estate agents will work with you from the time you start the office space rental search all the way through to the time in which you are comfortably settled in your new office.

The services offered by Tenant Advisors, Inc. are FREE to you and we only work with tenants…we never represent landlords.  This allows us to keep our loyalties completely with our clients, the tenants.  We will walk through the office space rental process with you and provide you with a sense of security knowing that your office lease arrangement will be the best experience possible for you.

Contact Tenant Advisors, Inc. today to learn more about our services and gain more insight into how we can make your office lease journey an easy one to embark on.