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Leasing Office Space: Internet/Phone Costs Can Affect Your Decision

Office Space

When you lease office space, there is more to think about than just paying the rent throughout the lease term. If you lease an individual office space, you will have to often pay for necessities such as furniture, office equipment, phone, Internet and more. Phone service and Internet access are two vital necessities for businesses to possess. However, such amenities can be costly, to say the least. It is these two things that will often factor into your decision as to what type of office space to lease.

Individual Office Space Leasing Means That You Pay For Phone and Internet Service

If you are interested in leasing your own office space, you should be prepared to pay for your phone and Internet service. Not only will you have to pay the monthly bills for these utilities but you will also have to pay for and arrange set up of the phones and computers within the office. Although you get to choose your service plans and configure the items as you wish, it can be a bit of a headache for office space tenants, especially the less than tech-savvy ones.

Shared Office Space Options Usually Include Phone and Internet Service

Your other option for leasing office space is to choose a shared office space location. With a shared office space, you and the other office building tenants will share amenities such as receptionist, mail service, conference rooms and more. It is also in this type of office lease setting when you often have phone and Internet services included. This means that you will already have your phone lines and computer access set up and many times these amenities will be included in your office space rent. You will have unlimited access to phone calls and Internet capabilities for one set price. This can be extremely cost-efficient for your business, especially if computer usage and phone calls are frequent.

Deciding Which Is Right for You

If you are indifferent as to which type of office space you choose, individual or shared, it is always wise to look at the monetary details. Selecting a shared office will allow you to have Internet and phone service included in your rent and not have to deal with setting up these technology avenues. On the other hand, if you choose an individual office, you will have your own space but still need to pay for and set up phone and Internet service. This can be an easy deciding factor for many business owners who wish to have their costs included and ensure that everything is set up and ready to go. Both office space options have their pros and cons. The best way to decide is to determine if cost is an issue when it comes to phone and Internet service. If so, then you should look into the shared office space option and see how much money you will be able to save if you choose to go this route with regard to commercial office space leasing.

Glenview Office Space


Glenview offers so much for residents and business owners that it is easy to see why it is chosen as an ideal spot to live and open up businesses, respectively.  This Cook County city is northwest of Chicago and presents easy access to the big city when one wants it and refuge in the suburbs when this is desirable as well.  If you are looking for a commercial office space lease in a popular suburban area, Glenview is a great choice.

Business Atmosphere

When you lease office space in Glenview you are giving your customers access to a business locale with ease of access and less of the congestion which Chicago businesses may experience.  With its location northwest of Chicago, those who wish to visit Glenview businesses from Chicago can do so easily as can those who live in and around Glenview.  Nestled in between I-294 and I-94, Glenview business clients can travel easily on these thoroughfares and then take one of many crossroads into town.

Other Businesses in Glenview

Glenview is a popular commercial area, especially for well-known businesses.  Some of your future neighbors which you may have heard of include Avon, Aon, Kraft Foods, Abt Electronics, Family Video and Illinois Tool Works.  Smaller companies also work out of Glenview as well as professional corporations.

About the Residents

Many of the approximate 44,655 residents who live in Glenview enjoy a comfortable way of life overall.  The median household income in a 2008 estimate was gauged at $105,879 and the median family income was $123,987.  The median home value in Glenview was $536,817.

Things to Do

If you enjoy the outdoors and wildlife, then Glenview is the perfect spot.  For lovers of wildlife, you can venture outdoors and see a variety of birds, geese, ducks and owls.  Deer, frogs and rabbits are also common sights around Glenview.  There are many great parks nearby including quite a few in the Glenview Park District.  Those who like an array of indoor activities can visit the Park Center, which is the area’s community center which features art classes, dance classes, swimming and more.

Dining and Shopping Options in Glenview

For those residents and individuals who work in Glenview, dining options are theirs for the taking.  With over 100 different restaurants to choose from and a variety of cuisine types represented, one will certainly not be lacking in the meal department in Glenview.  Shopping options are also quite voluminous in number and there are many different styles of stores in which to spend the day buying items.  No matter where you may work in Glenview, it is usually quite easy to step out of the office on your lunch break to do a little shopping and then get back to work on time.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Highlighting Your Office Space Lease Options and More

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Our tenant representation firm knows what business owners want out of their commercial office space lease.  Owners of businesses want to find the best office space and obtain it with favorable lease terms and rent payments.  With Tenant Advisors, Inc. by your side, this process can be an extremely easy and foolproof one at that.

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