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Chicago Suburban Markets Perfect For Office Space Tenants

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When business owners start the search for new commercial office space, they may not want to choose a location within a big city. In other words, suburban markets are more ideal for one or more reasons. This is true with business owners in the Chicago area. Although the city is a great place to live and enjoy the attractions, working within the city is not the right answer for all business owners. Fortunately, there are plenty of Chicago suburban markets which hold so many wonderful opportunities for Chicago-area business owners.

O’Hare Office Market

The O’Hare suburb of Chicago is a beneficial locale to lease office space if you are searching for a suburban Chicago market. Close to O’Hare International Airport, the convenience of the area for business travelers can easily be seen. Even if your employees don’t travel that much and your company doesn’t see many clients coming in from out of town, the O’Hare suburban market is still a great place to lease your next office. It is close to many area interstates, which makes commuting easier for yourself and your employees. Also, there are plenty of other companies and industries in the area which will often allow new clients to find their way to your office if they are in the area for other reasons as well.

North Suburban Office Market

If you are a business owner eager to lease an office in the North suburban area of Chicago, you will find plentiful options. Towns such as Skokie, Evanston, Morton Grove, Wilmette and more are filled with commercial real estate leasing options. Situated close to Lake Michigan, these towns are not only perfect for commercial offices but they are quite scenic locations as well. This makes it easy to both live and work in the towns in the North suburban market area of Chicago.

East-West Corridor Office Market (Oak Brook/Naperville)

The East-West Corridor area of Chicago also holds a lot for business owners in the way of ideal commercial real estate. Two towns in particular which are fantastic spots to lease commercial office space include Oak Brook and Naperville. Oak Brook is located about 20 miles west of the city and is a perfect suburban location for business owners seeking office space for rent outside of Chicago. Those who lease an office in Oak Brook will find they have plenty of well-known neighbors including Ace Hardware, Papermate and the McDonald’s Corporation, to name a few.

As for Naperville, this town is located a bit further west of Oak Brook, being located 30 miles outside of the city. Naperville has plenty of commercial leasing options, both large and small, for business owners to take advantage of. Lucent Technologies, Kraft Foods and ConAgra Foods are some of the big names in business which you could have as your neighbor if you lease a Naperville office. Naperville is also a nice place to lease office space as you will find plenty of amenities close by, which can be beneficial for both you and your employees.

Northwest Office Market (Schaumburg)

The Northwest region outside of Chicago has plenty of commercial leasing options, including within the town of Schaumburg. Schaumburg is home to two large corporations, IKEA and Motorola. It is also an area filled with many different shops and restaurants as well as plentiful professional offices. Those who lease an office in Schaumburg will love the convenience of having Chicago not too far away but appreciate not having to deal with the traffic and congestion which the big city holds. Schaumburg offers small professional business settings as well as office space for large corporations to lease.

If you are eager to lease office space in the Chicago suburban market, then looking further into the options above is an excellent place to start your commercial office space search.