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Chicago Office Space Search Using Craigslist

Chicago office space

There are plenty of avenues to pursue these days when searching for Chicago office space.  Whether you are looking to rent a small, two-room office or a large corporate center, you are sure to find it in Chicago.  But the question which many people ask is how do they go about getting the office space they want in Chicago.  One way to do so is to use Craigslist.  Many business owners and landlords use Craigslist to lease Chicago office space.  Since there may be a risk of scams when it comes to online real estate dealings, it is a good idea to follow the tips listed below so that your Craigslist search for Chicago office space can be as productive and secure as possible.

Use the Search Option

In order to find your Chicago office space options as quickly as possible, go to the Chicago main page of Craigslist and use the search option first and foremost to get the most direct responses to your inquiry.  Simply type in phrases such as “Chicago office space lease” or “office space Chicago” and you will find a good deal of options coming your way.

Read the Ad Carefully

Once you have found the Chicago office lease options, you can then go through and narrow down the choices.  First review the ads which are most on point with your leasing request and see if the advertisement provides you with enough information at first glance.  When reading over the ads, make sure that they offer full insight into the properties and provide specifics regarding what type of Chicago office space is being offered for lease.  As soon as you have pinpointed the best of the bunch, you can then get on to contacting the landlords or leasing agents who posted the ads.

Obtain Concrete Contact Information from the Landlord or Leasing Agent

When you first contact the landlord or leasing agent, make sure that they can provide you with concrete contact information as this will allow you to get a better feel for their legitimacy.  Ask for email addresses, phone numbers and the name of their business.  Once you have this information you can do a little independent research online to ensure that they are legitimate and are truly offering Chicago office space for lease and not gaining contact with you for the purposes of a scam operation.

Ask For Pictures of the Chicago Office Space

Another way to check the validity of a Craigslist Chicago office space listing is to ask for pictures of the location prior to meeting with the individual who posted the Craigslist advertisement.  By getting photos of the office space listing ahead of time you can get more of a feel for the property and also be more confident that the location is truly for lease and not a scam.  When you get the photos and the address of the Chicago office space, use the Internet to do some background research and this too will make you feel more at ease prior to seeing the office space for lease in Chicago.

All of these tips will help to make your Chicago office space search using Craigslist a more favorable and efficient one overall.

Lombard Office Space

Commercial office space tenants find that Lombard offers the best in all that a commercial business owner and their employees crave in a business locale.  This Chicago suburb is within reach of the city yet has all that business owners could want with regard to amenities and potential customers.  The village of Lombard has plenty of commercial business rental options, regardless of whether one is looking for a small office rental space or a large company headquarters.

Business Atmosphere

Lombard is in a prime location for business.  Nestled between I-355, I-88 and I-294, Lombard presents a bountiful business opportunity for those businesses who want to bring in customers from the village of Lombard and the city of Chicago as well.  The Metra Union Pacific/West Line services Lombard and allows individuals to get in and out of the village.  Taxis and the bus line also provide transportation options for those who lease office space in Lombard and customers of such businesses.

Other Businesses in Lombard

Healthcare businesses, clothing boutiques, insurance companies, attorneys, educational institutions, restaurants, retail stores and other businesses all flock to Lombard.  The access to clients is readily available and the office space rentals are there as well.  The benefit of having quite a few commercial neighbors in town is that they will bring in customers on their own which may ultimately find their way to your business in addition to your current customers.

About the Residents

Although Lombard is classified as a village, it has a high population.  The census estimate in 2004 showed Lombard as having around 42,975 residents.  The Lombard dwellers live in homes, condos, apartments and lofts throughout the village.  The median household income in a 2007 estimate was gauged at $69,752 and the median home value in 2000 was $168,500.

Things to Do

There are plenty of things to see and do in Lombard.  One of the biggest events during the year in the village is the Lilac Festival.  Held in May, this 16-day festival is fun for families and single individuals alike.  There are parades, concerts and tours for attendees to enjoy and few Lombard residents and business owners miss out on the Lilac Festival.  At other times during the year, residents, visitors and business owners/employees can enjoy the historical, entertainment and outdoor recreation which Lombard has to offer them.

Dining and Shopping Options in Lombard

Lombard is filled with a variety of dining and shopping establishments.  Whether you are seeking out a quick lunch break spot for fast food in the midst of your busy day at your leased office space or are looking for a fine dining restaurant for a night out on the town, Lombard has it all for you.  Shopping options are also in your favor in Lombard.  Large shopping centers and smaller privately-owned boutiques line the streets of the village, offering plenty to those who live and/or work in Lombard.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping Business Owners Find Commercial Office Space

The reliable and professional staff at Tenant Advisors, Inc. knows that finding commercial office space to lease is a big decision.  We will show you all there is to offer in the way of office space rentals in Lombard and help you to get the best deal on the lease.  Our company only represents commercial office tenants and never landlords.  This protects you as a business tenant as you know right where our loyalty lies.

Our real estate agents will be with you from the very beginning as well as throughout your lease.  Our services are FREE for you to use and we will help you to find the best office space rental in Lombard.  We will review your leasing preferences and show you properties which are exactly what your company needs to do efficient and prosperous business.

Today is the perfect time to find the office space rental you have been looking for in Lombard.  Fill out the short contact form and we will get back to you promptly so that the search for the perfect office space rental can begin.

Chicago Office Space: The Benefits of Owning vs. Leasing

Most business owners will, at some point, realize the need to search for office space. Some have started their businesses in their homes and will be looking for office space for the first time. Others will need to search for office space due to growth or to find a more suitable location.

Whatever the reason, one of the first considerations will be whether it is better to purchase or lease office space. For some, the first thing that comes to mind is the upfront cost. Obviously, those costs will be greater if seeking to purchase rather than lease office space. Still, the benefits of owning vs. leasing office space can be attractive. In fact, for those business owners who have the capital to invest, owning is often a better decision.

Income Potential

Many business owners have realized that they can produce an income stream by owning office space. Consider purchasing an office building that is larger than the current needs of the business. After deciding how much of the space is needed for your own business, set up the rest of the space as offices that can be leased to other small business owners.  This allows small business owners to generate revenue in the form of rental income.  As the business grows, more of the space can be kept for its use and less of the space rented out. This allows the business room to grow without having to buy a larger office building.

Fixed Costs

When a business owner leases office space, there is no guarantee of what the costs will be once the current lease expires.  On the other hand, when a business owner purchases office space, the amount of the monthly mortgage will be set. That means that as the business grows, the profit can grow more easily as well. It maybe easier to determine long term budgetary needs as one of the major costs of doing business will be steady.

Tax Benefits

The tax benefits involved with a business owning office space should not be overlooked. Yes, there are some tax benefits when leasing, such as writing off the amount paid in rent, but there are greater benefits available to those business owners who own their office space.

Some such benefits include deducting mortgage interest, property taxes and depreciation. Also, if the building includes rental suites there may be a host of other tax deductions as well.

Of course, tax laws vary depending on location, type of business and other factors, so it would be wise to consult with an expert so it would be clear exactly what types of deductions to expect.

Equity Builder

Owning office space, allows the business owner to build equity in the business. This is valuable not only for the obvious reasons, but owning office space may also help grow the business in the future.

The greater the worth of the business, the better the chance that business has of securing funding for future growth. Having an office building in their portfolio, and the equity that comes with it, could potentially be the difference between a “yes” and a “no” when it comes to securing a business loan in the future.

The benefits of owning vs. leasing office space may make it a wise choice for many business owners. While the initial cost is much greater than leasing, the longer term may outweigh those costs.

Office Space: Lease Negotiation Tips

1. Be Ready, Willing and Able to Walk Away

The biggest mistake many tenants make is not developing legitimate alternatives to their first choice, whether a new space or a lease renewal.  If a landlord believes you’re not willing to switch to a different property, you lose your negotiating leverage.

2. Start the Process Early

Time should be your ally, not your enemy during negotiations.  Landlords know that the managers of other buildings can take six to eight months to create a space plan, get construction pricing, agree on a rental rate, prepare a lease document and ready the space for occupancy.  If you wait too long before asking for a renewal proposal, you’re telling the landlord that you’re not considering any other options.

3. Know the Whole Picture Before You Start Negotiations

Is the office building being sold?  Is the largest tenant moving out?  How much free rent did the last tenant get?  Does the building have HVAC or parking problems?  What is the landlord’s financial situation?  Candid, complete answers may not be forthcoming from the landlord or his broker.  Expert research can make sure that what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

4. Make Landlords Compete For Your Business

The key to a successful negotiation is creating competition between your current landlord and other landlords in the area.  You should have an experienced advisor providing the proper market research, lease comparables and the negotiating skill to use that information to create leverage for you.

5. It’s In Your Best Interest To Have A Tenant Representative Negotiate For You

Unless you’re a real estate professional, it’s not a good idea to negotiate a lease deal directly with the landlord’s broker.  An experienced tenant representative will help ensure that you receive the best possible rates, terms, incentives and lease clause protections.  Remember, the landlord’s representative negotiates leases every day; you may do it once every 3 to 4 years!

6. Hiring A Tenant’s Representative Doesn’t Cost You More Money, But It Can Save You Money

Occasionally a landlord will “try to save you some money” by discouraging you from engaging a tenant representative.  Don’t be fooled.  He’s not doing this out of the goodness of his heart.  He knows that without a tenant representative you’re more likely to be in the dark about market rates and terms, and less likely to shop the market, or consider other alternatives.  That means more money in the landlords pocket.

7. Make Sure You Are Comparing Apples To Apples

Business owners who are not experienced with commercial real estate often find it difficult to perform a true “apples to apples” comparison of different facility choices.  Lease terms such as full service gross, modified gross, triple net, tenant improvement allowances, rental abatement, escalations, base years, operating expense stops and loss and load factors can obscure the true amount you’re paying and make legitimate comparisons difficult.  A good tenant representative will sort through all this for you.