Barrington Office Space


The Chicago area is an ideal one for living and working as well.  Whether you work in the city or in a suburb nearby, this area offers a wealth of options for residents and business owners alike.  Barrington is a popular suburb of Chicago which attracts a friendly and affluent type of individual.  The wooded and aesthetically pleasing views of Barrington give it a rural feel but offer residents and those business owners who buy or lease commercial office space there all the amenities of the big city.

Business Atmosphere

Located approximately 32 miles northwest of Chicago, Barrington is a great office setting for business owners of large and small businesses alike.  The main thoroughfares include Route 68 and Route 22 which provide easy access to some of the major interstates of the area.  This allows customers and business employees easy ingress and egress, thereby opening up a wide array of potential for individuals and businesses to enjoy.  Both small companies and large corporations will feel at home in Barrington and reap the benefits of the 10,000+ residential population in addition to those living outside of the town who come to Barrington to do business with one of the many entities operating within the village.

Other Businesses in Barrington

Barrington is home to many different genres of business.  There are over seven banking institutions in town, quite a few car dealerships, many restaurants and retail shops in addition to a wide array of professional corporations and companies.  Therefore, if you choose Barrington as the ideal location to open up your business and lease commercial office space, you will have many great commercial neighbors by your side.

About the Residents

According to a 2010 estimate, Barrington had 10,327 individuals living there.  The median income for Barrington residents was noted to be $82,925.  In 2008, the median home value in the village was $385,000.  Around 40% of the homes had children living within them and 64% of the homes contained married couples.

Things to Do

Whether young or old, there is plenty to do in Barrington, Illinois.  With the exceptional Barrington park district firmly rooted in the community, those who love activities and the great outdoors will surely not be disappointed with the offerings in Barrington.  From pools to playgrounds, basketball courts to tennis courts, there are plenty of things to do.  The Makray Memorial Golf Club gives golf aficionados a place to play and get in their 18 holes of golf in Barrington.  Barrington also hosts a wide array of gatherings and special events such as the Barrington Brew Fest, 4th of July parade and more.

Dining and Shopping Options in Barrington

One who lives or works in Barrington will never be without shopping or dining options.  Barrington is filled with unique bistros and quaint boutiques in addition to the national brand name restaurants and national retailers.  Grab a bite at the Barrington Country Bistro in between shopping trips to the 600 Haute Boutique or Phillips Mens Clothing.  There are so many options available to you when you head out for a dining or shopping experience in Barrington.

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