Aurora Office Space


The city of Aurora is enticing to both business owners who wish to lease office space in Illinois as well as homeowners who want to live in the big city yet choose a city other than Chicago.  As it is the second most populated city within Illinois, those who live and work there can take advantage of big city living where everything is close by.  Office space leasing opportunities are also readily available throughout Aurora and with public transportation options galore, business owners find that opening up their businesses in Aurora is a wise move.

Business Atmosphere

Whether you lease commercial office space in downtown Aurora or choose a location on the outskirts of the downtown business area, you will have plenty of options.  Large employers and individual business owners alike utilize the many business-related resources of Aurora.  Aurora is situated close to I-88 to the west of Naperville and this location makes it easy for individuals to get to and from the various companies and corporations throughout Aurora.  There is a Metra stop in Aurora as well as several stops for the Pace bus line which offers public transportation options to business owners, business employees, customers and residents.  Small office buildings and large corporate headquarters can be found throughout Aurora which means that the sky is the limit with regard to office space leasing opportunities.

Other Businesses in Aurora

The list of other businesses in Aurora is one which is lengthy in nature.  Some of the large name corporations and companies include Caterpillar, Hollywood Casino, MetLife, Farmers Insurance Group and Rush-Copley Medical Center.  There are plenty of entertainment venues, restaurants, retail shops, professional service providers and more who offer their goods and services throughout Aurora.

About the Residents

The 2000 census showed 142,990 individuals living within Aurora.  The median family income was $61,113 during that time.  More than 44% of the households had children within them and over half of the households in Aurora had married couples living within the home.  Residents of Aurora enjoy the cultural and entertainment options which Aurora affords them on a daily basis.

Things to Do

Whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, Aurora is the place to be.  Downtown Aurora is home to many entertainment facilities such as the Paramount Theatre and Hollywood Casino.  There are also many festivals held in the downtown area throughout the year.  There is the Phillips Park Zoo for individuals and families to enjoy as well as the David L. Pierce Art and History Center.  One will also find bowling alleys, movie theaters and a multitude of shopping options in Aurora.  Outdoor activities such as parks and recreation options are also available to residents, business owners and business employees within Aurora.

Dining and Shopping Options in Aurora

The beauty of a big city such as Aurora is that you will never be without dining or shopping options there.   From fine dining restaurants such as 33 West Trattoria and Domo 77 to family-friendly chains like IHOP and Red Lobster, you will certainly have the cuisines of your choosing.  Shoppers will be able to choose from fine, privately-owned boutiques such as Wardell Art Glass Studio to the popular, large shopping centers like Chicago Premium Outlets.  Aurora offers every shopping and dining option one can possibly imagine.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You to Locate Aurora Office Space

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