Addison Commercial Office Space

Addison Office Space

Addison Commercial Office Space


The Chicago Metropolitan area is a great place to lay down roots, both for residents and businesses alike.  Addison is a wonderful village to choose if you wish to be close to Chicago yet still outside the city lines.  In fact, over 36,000 individuals call Addison home.  Business owners who choose Addison as their prime business location get to take advantage of the large resident customer base in addition to expanding their offerings to those outside the village limits.  Addison has plenty to offer for residents who live there and business owners who lease commercial office space in the village.

Business Atmosphere

Situated in the middle of I-355, I-88 and I-290, Addison offers convenient driving options for those who work and do business within the village of Addison.  Also, since it is close to Chicago, there are plenty of public transportation options as well.  The Metra, Pace bus line and taxis offer individuals easy access to Addison from other areas around the Chicago metro area.  There are quite a few business parks in Addison including Meadows Business Park, Addison Business Center, Tollway Park and Corporate Center, to name some of the big ones.  Regardless of whether your company which leases office space in Addison is a small professional company or a large corporation, there are plenty of leasing options within the village.

Other Businesses in Addison

You will be in good company once you lease commercial office space in Addison.  Some of the other businesses in town include big names like UPS, The Pampered Chef and Nabisco.  In addition to the large corporations, there are also plenty of smaller businesses in Addison.  In fact, 2/3 of the businesses in Addison each have fewer than 20 employees.  This means that there are plenty of opportunities for companies large and small within Addison.

About the Residents

According to the 2000 census, 35,914 individuals were living in Addison, and that number has since increased. The median family income was $59,007 and the per capita income was $21,201.  Out of the 11,649 households in the village, 38.3% had children within them and 62.7% contained married couples.

Things to Do

There is much for residents and business owners to do in Addison in their free time.  History is a big part of Addison and there are quite a few different historical spots to visit including the Historical Museum (the Balzer House) and the Century House.  Outdoor activities also present many natural options for those who come to Addison for work or to live.

Dining and Shopping Options in Addison

Dining and shopping options are certainly available throughout Addison.  For dining options you can visit Dave & Buster’s for some fun and games as well as food or enjoy some delicious barbecue at Famous Dave’s.  There are also plenty of individually owned restaurants to peak your interest in Addison and you can get pretty much any type of cuisine you like.  Shopping options are also plentiful.  Whether you want large name retailers or small boutiques, the answer lies in Addison.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Helping You Lease Addison Office Space

Finding an office to lease in Addison is a definite achievable goal.  From small one-room offices to large, vast square footage buildings, the commercial office space you have been seeking is there in Addison.  To make the job even easier for you, Tenant Advisors, Inc. is the tenant representation firm you have been looking for.

With our free tenant representation services, you will be able to find the perfect commercial office space location as well as have the proper representation when signing the lease.  Our real estate professionals will guide you through the process all the way from starting to look for an office to meeting your new landlord.  Even after you have signed the lease and are moved into your office, you can still turn to Tenant Advisors, Inc. for help throughout your lease term.

In addition to our firm offering our services to you for free, we also want you to know that we represent only business tenants.  In other words, we never represent the commercial landlords.  This ensures that our loyalty will always be with you, the office tenant.

If you are searching for a commercial office space lease in Addison, contact Tenant Advisors, Inc. today.  We will help to make the process easy and your lease arrangement a successful one.