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If you’re a business owner in the Chicago area, you know how hard it can be to find affordable office space in a desirable location — in fact, it seems downright impossible! Chicago office space is at a premium, with loft-style buildings in the River North area going for up to $27 a square foot and offices in the West Loop going for up to $33 a square foot.

Large companies can easily afford these rates, especially those that are poised to continue expanding. But what’s the small-business owner to do? You might be considering shared office space, but these co-working arrangements can have their drawbacks, including a lack of office services and lowered security.

The market for Chicago office space is tightening, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing available. A real estate broker like can help you find a desirable property in a good location. Looking for a building with character? Thinking of expanding soon? A real estate broker like us knows what’s on the market and can narrow the listings for you.

Landlords may be skittish and want a bigger deposit from small- to medium-sized business, especially a younger one. A broker can help net you a more manageable security deposit, either through negotiation or by structuring a more unconventional payment structure, or both.

If your company is growing and you want a shorter lease that will allow you to transition to a larger office space sooner rather than later, a broker can help you work around a landlord’s concerns. Our job is to tell prospective landlords the story of your company in a way that reassures them about your company’s present assets and future potential.

Don’t let landlords dismiss your company because it’s small. Your employees shouldn’t have to work in a less-than-optimal space, and your customers shouldn’t have to do business in one either.

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