Chicago startups have a lot on their plates when it comes to getting their businesses up and running. These new business owners have to think about staffing their entity, getting their products and services in order and compiling a client base. Another extremely important factor for Chicago startup business owners to think about is where they are going to lease office space. Leasing office space is a wise choice for startups in Chicago as they can pay as they go and have the option of moving should they find that the location they select does not suit their needs. With that said, there are two locations in Chicago in particular which are popular with Chicago startups.

River North

River North is a popular neighborhood for Chicago startups to choose when they are eager to lease office space. This area is located north of the Chicago River and in close proximity to Michigan Avenue and the Loop. Retail shops, galleries and design firms are all over the River North area. The eclectic atmosphere of River North provides a great way for Chicago startups to not only gain clients through their own marketing means but also get new clients simply by making their presence known to those who are in the River North neighborhood for other reasons as well.

Startup business owners also like the River North area for office leases as it has a variety of office spaces available. Whether you need a single office in a high rise building or want to rent out a small commercial building in its entirety, either option can be found in River North.

West Loop

Another ideal neighborhood for startup business owners in Chicago is West Loop. Situated between the Chicago River, Ashland Avenue, Grand Avenue and Eisenhower Expressway, West Loop is an extremely popular place to open up one’s business. This rapidly emerging neighborhood of Chicago offers residents and visitors a little bit of something for all. Retail boutiques, restaurants, galleries, commercial offices and residences are all present and accounted for in West Loop. No matter which commercial genre your startup belongs within, there is a place for you and your business in West Loop.

The beauty of the West Loop neighborhood is that those who go there don’t just visit the area for one particular reason. They may come into the city and West Loop, in particular, for a bite to eat, do some shopping and take care of some business as well. There are plenty of office space leasing options in West Loop and the price ranges are reasonable for city office space, also.

Chicago startup company owners have a lot to manage with their new business. This process can be made much easier by knowing where to set up shop. Whether you like the River North vicinity or prefer the wide array of amenities which West Loop has to offer, your Chicago startup will fit in perfectly within either Chicago neighborhood. Startup companies find it easy to make their new commercial home in either West Loop or River North.