When it comes to choosing Chicago office space to lease, business owners have many options from which to choose the best one.  Leasing office space is not a task to take lightly and it is important to go into the process knowing the options with regard to office space leasing and the possibilities which go along with it.  The following will highlight some options which business owners may pursue when looking for that perfect Chicago office space to lease.

Tenant Representation Broker

For Chicago office space tenants seeking a new office to lease or an office lease to renew, the tenant representation broker is a best friend to have.  Even if you are a business owner currently in a lease, your tenant representation broker will be on your side whenever you need their help during the term of the lease.  Tenant representation brokers, or tenant representatives, are individuals who work with the commercial office space tenant to help them find the best commercial property to rent, secure the lease and even renegotiate lease terms when the time for lease renewal arises.


Craigslist is a website known by many.  It is a place to go online to find jobs, get concert tickets, buy household goods and even lease commercial office space.  There is a section on Chicago Craigslist specifically for commercial office space listings.  In this area, landlords or their representatives post listings of commercial real estate for lease and then prospective office space tenants can search the listings and contact the landlord if they are interested in leasing the office space from them.


LoopNet is a commercial real estate website which contains listings of commercial office space, restaurant rental space, retail space and more for business owners to peruse.  LoopNet allows business owners to narrow down the selection to the office space leasing opportunities which best fit their needs.  Chicago business owners can specify the Chicago area on LoopNet and highlight any other requirements they have for their future office space lease.


CoStar offers various real estate products to commercial business owners who are interested in finding new office space to lease.  Not only do the CoStar products provide the business owner with commercial office space listings in Chicago but they also provide informative content on property analysis and so much more.  CoStar is ideal for the realtor who wants to present information to their client on the general area and leasing options available in that area.

A Tenant Representation Broker Is the Way to Go

When looking for Chicago commercial office space to lease, you don’t want to waste time.  You want to choose an entity to help you which will be precise, dedicated and affordable.  A tenant representation broker possesses all of these things and is the best individual to choose when you want to secure the proper office space lease for your company, gain help throughout the term of your lease and have someone by your side when it comes time to renegotiate your current lease.  The tenant representative will represent the office space tenant alone and not represent the landlord in any way.  When you choose a Chicago tenant representation broker to help you in your search, you are picking the best option in order to get exactly the property you want, in a locale you desire and at a price which you deserve.