Chicago O’Hare Office Space

Chicago O'Hare Office Space

The Chicago O’Hare locale is a community in the northwestern section of Chicago.  Including Chicago O’Hare International Airport, O’Hare is also home to residential dwellings and commercial office space for lease and/or purchase.  Many new business tenants choose Chicago O’Hare commercial office space to lease due to its close proximity to the airport, which makes it easy for customers to get in and out of the area.

Business Atmosphere

Chicago O’Hare has both industrial and professional office space for lease.  With I-90, I-190 and I-294 close by, those who travel to Chicago O’Hare for business purposes can get there with ease.  The CTA offers both a train line and bus line which is perfect for the commercial business tenants, their employees and their customers. Taxi service is also readily available in the Chicago O’Hare area, whether going to the airport or getting to the O’Hare vicinity from other parts of Chicago.

Other Businesses in Chicago O’Hare

Quite a few businesses have opened their doors in Chicago O’Hare.  Some of the more well known businesses include IGA, CareerBuilder and U.S. Cellular.  In addition, many hotel chains have locations in the O’Hare section of the city, mostly due to being close to the airport.  There really is no formula to the types of businesses in O’Hare.  Small and large businesses alike as well as privately-owned business and national chains own or lease office space in O’Hare.

About the Residents

O’Hare also has a residential section.  In 2000, the population according to the U.S. Census was 11,956.  The median household income of O’Hare residents is approximately $53,000.  There is a mixture of single family homes, multi-family homes, condos and apartments within the area.

Things to Do

Due to the location within the city of Chicago, O’Hare is the perfect place to live and work.  Whether you are living in O’Hare or renting office space in the area, you are never too far away from the lights and fun of the city.  For those who like animals, the Lincoln Park Zoo and Shedd Aquarium are good options.  If history is more your speed, there are plenty of communities within Chicago which have historic buildings in addition to the vast array of museums.  Outdoor recreation is nearby as well.  If you live or work in O’Hare, you can take the train or quick taxi ride to the lakefront to walk around.  For those interested in architecture and music lovers as well, Millennium Park holds the answer to the question as to what to do in close proximity to the Chicago O’Hare area.

Dining and Shopping Options

Many of the hotels in O’Hare have restaurants within them.  For those who are seeking places to eat close to O’Hare but outside of the community, a quick train ride to the downtown Chicago communities will offer plentiful options.  Whether you are looking for a quick and inexpensive bite to eat or longing for a fine dining experience, you will find it in Chicago.  Michigan Avenue, or The Magnificent Mile as it is known, is the ideal place for superior shopping in close proximity to the O’Hare community.  In addition to this grand shopping mecca, Chicago is filled with unique boutiques, retail chain stores and everything in between.

Tenant Advisors, Inc.:  Offering Assistance with Office Space Rental

Office space rental in the Chicago O’Hare neighborhood is readily available and waiting for your business to move in.  Tenant Advisors, Inc. has been helping office space tenants for years, ensuring that they choose the perfect lease option for their commercial business.  Our licensed and professional real estate agents work with tenants only, never landlords.  This allows the commercial business tenant to know exactly where our loyalty lies, which is with you.

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