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Chicago Office Space Listings

Chicago-area business owners know that location is essential when choosing where you want to set up your business. Picking the wrong location for your office space lease can be detrimental to business owners of all types. This is why there is a lot of research which goes into leasing office space in Chicago. In order […]

How to Sublease Chicago Office Space

When business owners move into their new office, the last thing on their minds is leasing it out to someone else. However, there are many instances when a business owner who leases commercial office space has to arrange a sublease for their office space. Perhaps the original tenant is relocating operations out of the area […]

Chicago Startups Looking For Office Space

As a Chicago startup company, you have plenty of things to think about such as how to gain a client base, ways to make your business attractive to the masses and how to staff your office with the best individuals in the industry. Another important consideration is where to set up your office space and […]

How to Lease Office Space

Leasing office space is a popular choice for business owners these days. Some company owners lease rather than buy office space as they want to try out a new area but don’t want to commit to the location for a long period of time. Other business owners choose to lease office space as it is […]