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What Millennials Look for in an Office Space

What Millennials Look for in an Office Space

A new generation has begun to enter the workforce. Although often ridiculed, the Millennial
generation does offer a myriad of redeeming qualities. Recent college graduates often can offer
a fresh perspective to their respective field of industry and can become an integral employee in
your company.

Creating an office space inviting to Millennials not only benefits the younger generation, but will
also inspire and refresh former employees. By looking at industry leaders such as the famous
Googleplex by Google, the trends can be replicated on a smaller scale. While such amenities
like a “nap room”, yoga studio, and full bar may not be practical in your workspace, similar
concepts apply. That concept being that creating a comfortable work space creates happy
employees, happy employees improve overall output and performance.

When choosing office space in the Chicagoland area, location is the first key to a happy
employee. Choosing a location with an easy commute from both the suburbs and downtown
Chicago will benefit all employees and clients. Assuming a millennial has access to a car is not
always a given, when choosing your office space consider the surrounding public transportation
options available, millennials and current employees alike will value the option. Also consider
the location in relation to current employees as well as expected growth of your company, what
could be a great location currently could prove problematic by the end of a multi year lease.
Collaboration is key among new generations and a workspace conducive to this environment
can greatly increase the quality of work produced. An open floor workspace is becoming more
and more popular in comparison to the outdated cubicle model. Being able to work and interact
among employees establishes the creative and enjoyable workforce proven successful at
companies like Google.

This open floor plan also has it’s drawbacks, traditionalists may still prefer a quiet, reserved
workspace. It is also not uncommon for employees to not always enjoy the collaborative area,
reserving space in the office for a quiet workspace may prove beneficial. In this best of both
worlds situation, workers who flourish in a collaborative environment and those who prefer
privacy can both be at ease with the right office layout.

An interesting trend in the office space is the idea of ‘desk-sharing’, or not necessarily being
assigned to a workspace. Where many millennials fear a monotonous day to day workplace
being isolated in a cubicle, offering employees choices often makes the employee feel their
decision making has power in not only the company but in their career. Having an ‘adaptable’
office space can often feed into this, lounge areas that can also be workspaces, comfortable
seating, and things like movable whiteboards or television monitors can all help induce the
creative atmosphere. An office space that feels out of the ordinary often times would be viewed
as ‘forward thinking’ by a millennial. Attracting this young energy can often be very beneficial for
a company, workplaces on the brink of advancing into this new age should embrace these
changes to attract these younger workers.

Comfortability makes work feel less like ‘work’ for employees, for a generation focused on social
media and photo sharing, an inviting workplace not only makes the worker feel more at home
but it becomes a talking point among colleagues, improving the reputation of your brand or

Embracing technology is another way to make your office more appealing to younger
generations. Traditional meetings held in conference rooms can become a thing of the past
thanks to videoconferencing applications such as Skype.

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