Bolingbrook Office Space


Bolingbrook is a village in the southwest Chicago suburbs.  Located just south of Naperville, Bolingbrook offers a suburban locale with all of the necessities one could want in a location.  Although designated as a village, Bolingbrook is quite large in size.  According to the 2010 census, Bolingbrook had a population of 73,366.  Whether you live in Bolingbrook, work in the village or both, you are sure to love all that this destination has to offer you.

Business Atmosphere

Bolingbrook has an ideal business atmosphere for many reasons.  First, since it is close to many large cities, including Chicago, and is quite big in its own right, it offers business owners quite a few wonderful opportunities.  There are often large customer bases as well as plentiful offices to lease.  The transportation options are also positive in Bolingbrook.  This village is situated between I-355 and I-55 which makes it easy to get to by car.  There are also trains and buses which operate in and around Bolingbrook for an even more accessible aspect.

Other Businesses in Bolingbrook

Bolingbrook has plenty of businesses already in operation around the village.  Some of the big names include the following:  IKEA, EPIR Technologies, ULTA and Bass Pro Shops.  In addition to these well-known companies, Bolingbrook is also home to a wide array of other businesses including those in the healthcare field, financial arena, restaurant sector and more.  There are plenty of office space options for new business residents and tenants as well.

About the Residents

The residents of Bolingbrook love the fact that they can enjoy a large population village with a friendly small town feel.  The median household income in a 2007 estimate was $76,392 and the median family income during that same time period was $82,462.  The median home value as designated in 2000 was $141,400.

Things to Do

When you live in Bolingbrook or work at one of the businesses there, you will be happy to know that there is plenty to see and do.  The Bolingbrook Park District offers individuals a chance to get outside and enjoy nature.  The park district also has an aquatics center for those who love to swim.  Bolingbrook community centers host various activities throughout the year for all different age groups to enjoy.  If golfing is your pleasure, then one of the many golf courses throughout Bolingbrook is sure to please.

Dining and Shopping Options in Bolingbrook

Those who live and work in Bolingbrook will have many dining and shopping options at their doorstep.  The Promenade Bolingbrook is a great option if you want to do both as there are many great stores and restaurants at this outdoor facility.  Bass Pro Shops and Macy’s are two ideal places to start the day’s shopping spree at The Promenade.  In addition to this outdoor mall, Bolingbrook has so many other shopping and dining venues that there are just too many to list.  Suffice it to say that whatever you want to eat or buy in Bolingbrook, you will be able to find it there.

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