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Office Space: Make The Tenant Improvement Allowance Work For You

Many office space leases will be a good fit for companies yet there may be some improvements which have to be done in order to make the premises a perfect fit for the tenant. For this reason, tenant improvement allowances are often included within the commercial office space lease. These allowances come in different forms. […]

Why You Need A Renewal Option

As a prospective tenant in a commercial office space lease, you not only want to consider your current lease term but the prospect of a future lease term as well. The best time to secure your interest in a future lease term is when you sign your new lease for the current lease term. A […]

Commercial Real Estate in Chicago: Considering a Coffee Shop?

Are you considering turning your love for coffee into a reality? In today’s world, 63% of young people want to start their own business. So, why not go for it? It is quite the intimidating process; however, it is achievable. Sure, you have to develop a business plan and the delicious coffee you’re going to […]