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How To Find Chicago Office Space With

Chicago office space for lease is high in demand these days.  Not only is Chicago a great place to work in and of itself but it is also a lucrative location for business owners who want to open up their business doors within the city.  There are many ways to find commercial office space to […]

Chicago Office Space Search Options

When it comes to choosing Chicago office space to lease, business owners have many options from which to choose the best one.  Leasing office space is not a task to take lightly and it is important to go into the process knowing the options with regard to office space leasing and the possibilities which go […]

Costar Search Chicago Office Space

The Chicago metropolitan area is a popular locale for small businesses as well as large corporations.  Laying down commercial roots in a place such as Chicago opens up many lucrative doors for the business owner and those who work for such a business.  If you are in the market for commercial office space in Chicago […]

Tenant Representation: What It Is and Why You Need It

Commercial office tenants have a lot to think about when it comes time to secure a new lease on an office building or renew their current commercial office space lease with their landlord.  There is so much to consider that commercial office tenants sometimes become overwhelmed and due to such feelings may make mistakes in […]

Office Lease Renewal Process

When business owners obtain a lease on commercial office space for the first time, they probably don’t think about the office lease renewal process as it often seems so far in the future.  However, the expiration of an office space lease term can pop up more quickly than you think.  Before you enter into a […]